German online casino players and online sports betting fans at 18bet, will be pleased to learn that online betting provider 18bet have launched a new German website.

18bet is one of the industry’s premier online gaming sites and offers players a vast selection of live casino games, sports betting attractions, games and live sports betting activity. Following considerable preparation, management at 18bet have announced details of the major upgrade.

German online sports betting fans and online casino players at 18bet will now gain access to bonus and promotional offers that are tailored to the German market, as well as sports, casino games, live betting and traditional games with upgraded German content.

The major overhaul is part of a wider strategy to cater to distinct geographic markets by adapting offerings, content and customer support services to German speakers.

The new upgrade sees all features of the dotcom platform being made available to native German speakers. The comprehensive nature of the overhaul makes it a lot more than a mere English to German text translation.

Ran Foder, the Chief Executive Officer of 18bet, commented on the new launch by saying that 18bet management is delighted that the German project is finally ready. Foder also said that their content marketing strategists, professional design teams and German consultants have been working extremely hard to provide them with an expert offering in the form of a German version of

Foder went on to say that they have received positive feedback from German sports betting and casino fans, and they are eagerly looking forward to greater personalization in other markets in the future.

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