Brazilian star Vinícius Júnior took to social media to cry for help and protest against the inhuman treatment that he has received from Spanish fans. The 22 year old who plays for Real Madrid has been subject to multiple racist incidents in recent months and nothing has been done about it.

Brazil Switches Off Christ The Redeemer Lights

Spanish football fans made an effigy of Vinícius Júnior with the number 20 on it and hanged the effigy outside the Real Madrid office. He was also subject to racist chants of ‘Vinícius is a monkey’ by Valencia fans when the Real Madrid bus showed up at their stadium before the game could start.

Vinícius Júnior has been subject to 9 different incidents of racism and so have many other black players who play in the La Liga. Vinícius said he was unhappy that the La Liga did not put more pressure on the Spanish Football Federation to take more action as they had the option to cancel a game due to racism incidents but have never done that so far.

Brazil’s President sent a strong message to Spain to act more and switched off the lights at the famous Chris the Redeemer status to show support for Vinícius Júnior. Spanish police immediately acted and arrested 7 individuals tied to racism incidents against Vinícius.