BtoBet has zeroed in on its commitment to developing African gambling markets by launching a portfolio of content destined for local players.

The Africa-specific content has been released entirely to BtoBet partners and centers on a number of areas including Sportsbook, Virtual Sports, Novelty Bets and Casino.

Sabrina Solda, Chief Marketing Officer at BtoBet, commented on the move by saying that there is a general misconception that the challenges in Africa from a technological perspective should result in a below par experience for the player. She added that this is clearly not the case as has been repeatedly demonstrated by BtoBet where the player is put at the center of the whole experience.

Solda went on to say that through this portfolio of content BtoBet is providing a truly tailored experience to the player. She added that they have already provided unique novelty bets to several of their partners, whereby they are in a position to provide their players with bets characterized by a high level of unicity.

Solda also said that in a particular example she could cite, a Nigerian partner requested to provide novelty bets tailored to feature the local elections held during the month of February and that these novelty bets can obviously focus on an infinite list of events such as local high-profile talent contents and awards for instance.

She explained how the special bets market is taking off in Africa, with players able to bet on an unlimited choice of scenarios related to sporting events, including everything from whether a specific player will be sent off, what the weather will be like for a match, or even if fans will invade the pitch.

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