An investigation has been launched into another casino in Queensland which is accused of also being involved in the high-roller junket controversy which had previously hit The Ville Casino Resort in Townsville. State authorities have now included The Reef Hotel Casino Resort in the probe.

Unlawful High Roller Scheme

The investigation revolves around Melbourne businessman Lawrence Fu who allegedly served as a high-roller agent for both casinos. The Ville and The Reef have been accused of employing Fu’s services without the necessary permits, making their high-roller operations illegal. 

Fu would direct Asian customers to either The Ville or The Reef and in return received certain benefits. The Ville gave him cash and gambling credits, while The Reef paid him in the form of betting vouchers. Fu is not duly licensed to carry out the operation. 

Public Inquiry Should Include All Queensland Casinos

As it turned out, both operators were taking advantage of the casino crackdown in neighboring states to attract more wealthy customers from Asia.

There are now calls for Queensland Premier Anastacia Palaszczuk to include all Queensland casinos in the state’s public inquiry that currently focuses on The Star. 

The owners of both The Ville and The Reef have yet to comment on the matter.