As Liz Truss takes over as the UK’s new Prime Minister, the publication of the Gambling Act Review could be postponed much longer. This means it could take quite a while before a wide-ranging gambling regulatory reform is implemented in the country.

More Delays Expected

The government launched the review in 2020 in a bid to make the UK’s gambling laws fit for the digital age. Two years have passed and the White Paper has yet to be approved, facing a series of delays. It was due to be released in July, but a political turmoil that resulted in the resignation of former Prime Minister Boris Johnson meant gambling reform needed to be postponed for the fourth time.

Truss’ appointment led to a government re-organization which brought Michelle Donelan to her new role as gambling minister. Donelan is a well-known gambling industry critic and a staunch supporter of gambling reform, being one of the MPs who voted for the implementation of the £2 maximum stake limit on Fixed Odd Betting Terminals (FOBTs).

White Paper Still Open to Changes

As to what reforms will be rolled out under Donelan’s watch remain to be seen. With the review still ongoing, the White Paper is still subject to changes. Among the reforms believed to be included in the review are reducing the betting limits for online casino games and banning VIP programs and loyalty schemes. But all these will remain as speculations until the official document is published.

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