Hero Gaming has unveiled its new “Blitz” interface has been developed in collaboration with casino gaming content developer NetEnt.

Malta-based Hero Gaming, the operators of the Casino Heroes and Speedy Casino gaming sites as well as sports betting entity Betser, have revealed that NetEnt players are now able to utilize Blitz, which gives players the option to spin the reels faster, via ‘a unique interface’.

The new mode will not display any of the animations or effects as one plays but rather shows off the amount of money won with a lightning symbol encompassing it. According to Hero Gaming, their Blitz mode plays up to six times faster than the standard slot play that is usually encountered.

Tomas Backman, the Chief Executive Officer of Hero Gaming, commented on the new feature by saying that there is a lot going on in the gaming world right now and their focus is always on developing innovative gaming experiences that are both entertaining and technically in the forefront.

Backman went on to say that behind Blitz is a complex technical solution that meets the needs of today’s gamers – it should be easy and fast while the pleasure factor is high. He added that one should not be disturbed by information and graphics if you do not want to.

Henrik Fagerlund, Chief Product Officer at NetEnt, added that they are pleased that Hero Gaming has chosen to develop Blitz on NetEnt’s platform. He added that their ambition is to be at the forefront, and they welcome innovative thinking and creative initiatives from their customers.

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