The Microgaming Poker Network Poker Tour (MPNPT) @ Battle of Malta saw players from all over Europe attend the poker tournament which was held at Casino Malta.

The Battle of Malta Main Event attracted 3,816 players who registered from all over including Lebanon, the UK, France, the United States, Denmark, Lithuania and the Netherlands. Play went on for six days and in the end it was local Maltese player Julien Stopoli who beat a great field and came out on top.

The field of 3,816 players was reduced to 9 after 5 days of serious poker action. The top final players at the table were due to walk out with 6 figures and the 5 players left at the table were Julien Stropoli, Maxime Canevet, Erik Ostergaard, Mantas Urbonas and Abdallah Fakhreddine.

The five decided to work out a deal that would see the prize money being broken down for Stropoli to get €118,000, Canevet €169,900, Abdallah €108,500, Ostergaard €139,500 and Ubonas €121,500. The player finishing in first place would receive an additional €50,000 and the player in second place would get another €23,000.

Ostergaard, Stropoli and Canevet were the final three players left at the table. Third place went to Ostergaard and in the end it was Stropoli who finished in first place, taking home a total of €168,500 while Cavevet went home with €192,000.

Had the deal not been made, Canevet would have finished with €170,000 while Stropoli would have taken home a whopping amount of €300,000.

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