Fans of horror movies will be pleased to learn that Microgaming has signed a licensing agreement that will see it develop a new online slot game based on the classic cult film, Halloween.

The license was signed between Microgaming and Compass International Pictures in a deal brokered by Creative Licensing Corporation.

The American movie that was released in 1978 starred Jamie Lee Curtis in her debut role and Donald Pleasence. It centers on the character Michael Myers who, at the age of six, murdered his sister on Halloween night. Fifteen years later he returns to a fictional town in order to continue his killing spree.

Although the movie was produced on a small budget of $300,000 it made a total of $70 million in the box offices worldwide. In 2010 the film was named as one of The 100 Greatest Movies of all Time.

Ryan Freimann, the SVP of Compass, commented that they are thrilled to team up with Creative Licensing and Microgaming to bring Michal Myers and Halloween home to all their loyal fans in the best possible way, through top licensees who create products that they feel honor the character, film and franchise.

David Reynolds, the Games Publisher at Microgaming, stated that Halloween is a true classic that set the standard for modern horror films.

Reynolds went on to say that it was immeasurably influential in the slasher genre of movies and it is, therefore, great to be working with such an iconic and respected brand. He added that embracing all the elements of what made the movie such a success, their games team are in the process of developing a slot for release later in the year.

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