Newgioco Group, a global sports betting and interactive gaming technology company, is thrilled to announce that it has completed the creation of Elys Gameboard Technologies, a wholly owned subsidiary in an endeavor to enhance the Company’s sports betting operations throughout the US. 

The Company is aiming to obtain its first sports betting license in Washington, DC and is looking forward to launching its new US sports betting platform with its first US operator client, Handle 19, Inc., in the historic Capital Hill area of Washington, DEC by the third quarter of this year.

The Company is also in the process of coding its leading-edge Elys betting platform for US certification and will supply investors with prompt updates as this important development progresses.

Michele (Mike) Clavarella, the Chief Executive Officer at Newgioco Group, commented that as part of a long-term global expansion plan, Newgioco takes in a prudent and strategic approach for launching in new markets and they are executing their plan to enter the US market in the same manner.

Clavarella went on to say that their 20 plus years of regulated sports betting experience has taught them that long-term success in the US market means thorough planning and preparation before taking steps to deploy a product that will work properly in this market.

He also said that they are extremely thrilled with the progress of the Elys US development program and are looking forward to launching their new platform in the very near future.

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