The PGA was unhappy when a number of players decided to head over and play the LIV golf event which was sponsored by the wealthy Saudi Golf League. The PGA warned its members that if they head over and play in the Saudi Golf League, they will get suspended and face potential life bans.  

The LIV golf event has promised big payouts and a number of top names have defied the PGA order and have faced the consequences. Some of the players that went over include six time PGA champ Phil Mickelson, Bryson DeChambeau who was the 2020 US Open Champion and Ian Poulter who is a veteran Ryder Cup player.

LIV Players File Lawsuit Against PGA 

A lawsuit has now been filed against the PGA by 11 golfers who took part in LIV. Mickelson and DeChambeau are two of the players who are taking legal action against the PGA claiming that the PGA has tried to punish them as it wanted to stomp out the competition. The lawsuit is asking the courts to lift the ban imposed on the PGA since it is illegal and also award them damages and pay all legal fees.