Spin Games, a leading designer and developer of premium and customized gaming content and technology for the interactive and land based markets is thrilled to reveal that it has entered into a development and distribution initiative with EIBIC Co that will see a new brand of Japanese themed games being created.

In terms of the new deal signed between the parties, Japan based EIBIC, as well as its partner companies, will be providing Spin Games with assets and storyboards that are modelled on popular Japanese themed content and themes. Spin Games will then further develop the titles in an endeavor to commercialize the games on the global market next year.

Spin Games will be supporting this commercialization by making use of its ROC 3TM RGS platform that the developer recently updated by adding a number of new features and technological improvements.

Kent Young, the Chief Executive Officer of Spin Games, commented on the new initiative by saying that it marks the beginning of a new genre of game development and integration for them.

Young went on to say that his aim and passion are that they, as a company, continue to develop and distribute more kinds of games in order to give players and operators a much wider choice.

The Chief Executive of EIBIC, Koji Yagi, said that they are very happy to join forces with Spin Games to unleash the potential of Japanese themed and styled games. He also said that this will continue the natural progression in the spreading of Japanese culture and ideas all over the world.

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