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Live Dealer Online Casinos

Through the advancement of technology, the internet was created. It enables people around the world to connect to each other. Ever since then, entrepreneurs have used it to bring their business to the world. Online gambling has become popular ever since it came out. Gamblers are now enjoying their games at the comfort of their own homes. They don’t have to travel that far or rearrange their schedules for a little break. They can log in online and play their games with a click of their mouse. Online casinos have continued to push the limits of technology to come up with new ways to entertain their customers. The new phenomenon nowadays is live deal casinos.


Live Feeds

Playing online games is convenient, but with the absence of face to face interaction, one can doubt if it is legitimate. Scams are common in the internet. With technical know-how, anyone can be anything online. Online casinos can easily claim they are the best and offer the highest payout rate. Random number generators are used for fair play, but you will never know the real deal until you play the games. Due to these doubts, online casinos have found a way for a much more realistic game play for their customers. It also serves as a new twist to the usual online casinos. Live deal casinos have live dealers. They enable players to get live feeds of casino games. Players are not playing with a random number generator but an actual dealer. Live deal casinos are fairly new, but some of them are already established. River Belle and 32 Red Casino are the first to implement this technology, which is included in their download software.



Although this technology sounds enticing, it still cast doubts. First off, the live feeds were from a third party rather than the online casino. These operators are unknown. There is also no player log, which means that a player can’t make a complaint if he or she felt that the dealer was unfair since there is no record at all. The game also slows down because it has been found that dealers tend to chat to each other. Other players also slow down the game. Due to this, online casinos still have their standard games along with the live dealer technology in their software so that players can switch. In the end, playing online still takes some risks.



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