The Swedish gambling industry is undergoing significant changes as the government introduces stricter regulations to combat money laundering and problem gambling. The Spelinspektionen, Sweden’s gambling authority, has been actively implementing new measures in the first half of 2024, drawing both support and criticism from industry stakeholders.

Credit Card Ban Sparks Debate 

One of the most controversial changes proposed by the Swedish government is a comprehensive ban on credit cards for gambling transactions. The Ministry of Finance aims to extend the current prohibition on credit card transactions to include all forms of credit-based funds, such as personal loans, deferred payments, and overdrafts. While the Spelinspektionen supports this move, the Swedish Trade Association for Online Gambling (BOS) has urged the government to reconsider, arguing that the responsibility should lie with credit card issuers rather than gambling operators.

Closing Land-Based Casinos 

In a surprising move, the Swedish Gambling Authority has proposed closing all state-owned casinos, citing falling profits and increased migration to online platforms. The memorandum also calls for stricter anti-money laundering supervision and reporting obligations. The legislative amendments related to casino gambling are set to take effect on January 1, 2026, marking a significant shift in Sweden’s gambling landscape.

Access to Criminal Records 

To strengthen the fight against money laundering and match-fixing, the Swedish government has approved the Spelinspektionen’s access to criminal records. This measure, effective from July 1, 2024, will allow the authority to check for crimes committed by individuals, including illegal gambling activities and insider crimes. While some view this as intrusive, it is a common practice in other countries to prevent organized crime from infiltrating the gambling industry.

Industry Performance and European Context 

Despite the regulatory changes, Sweden’s gambling industry reported revenue growth in the first quarter of 2024, reaching €572.3 million, a 1% increase compared to the same period last year. The iGaming sector, which accounts for 64% of the total market volume, drove this growth with a 2% increase.

Sweden’s regulatory changes are largely in line with those across Europe, particularly regarding credit card bans. Germany, the UK, Spain, Belgium, and Norway have all implemented similar measures to varying degrees. However, Sweden’s decision to close land-based casinos sets it apart from other European countries, and the ramifications of this move remain to be seen.


As Sweden continues to navigate the complex landscape of gambling regulation, the industry faces both challenges and opportunities. While some stakeholders have expressed concerns about the impact of new restrictions on the legal gambling market, the government remains committed to protecting consumers and maintaining a balanced regulatory environment. The coming months will be crucial in determining the long-term effects of these changes on Sweden’s gambling industry and its position within the broader European context.


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BetMGM has entered into a strategic partnership with the Associated Press (AP), making it the exclusive provider of sports odds for AP’s global sports reporting. This collaboration represents a significant development in the merging of sports betting and media, ensuring that AP’s sports coverage is enhanced with reliable and detailed betting odds.

A New Era of Data-Driven Sports Reporting

BetMGM’s carefully calculated odds will be a staple in the AP’s diverse sports content, including daily odds, comprehensive game analyses, and various sports narratives through this partnership. The integration of BetMGM’s expert insights into AP’s reporting is aimed at enriching the sports viewing experience by providing the audience with precise and timely betting data, all while maintaining the highest standards of journalistic integrity.

Matt Prevost, BetMGM’s Chief Revenue Officer, praised the partnership as a milestone for the company, stressing the importance of aligning with a globally revered news organization like the AP. Prevost reaffirmed BetMGM’s commitment to delivering accurate and impartial sports betting information, thereby reinforcing its status as a credible authority in the sports betting realm.

Barry Bedlan, AP’s Director of Global Text and Commercial Products, shared his enthusiasm about the partnership’s potential to revolutionize sports journalism. Leveraging BetMGM’s comprehensive knowledge in sports betting, AP plans to offer its audience valuable and actionable insights, helping them make more informed decisions related to sports.

About the Associated Press

The Associated Press, founded in 1846, is a premier independent global news organization committed to delivering factual, unbiased news across all media formats. It is recognized as a critical provider of the technology and services essential to the news industry. AP’s journalism reaches more than half of the global population daily, making it a pivotal entity in worldwide news dissemination.

About BetMGM

Established in 2018 and headquartered in New Jersey, BetMGM leads the online gaming industry with its commitment to innovation and excellence. It emerged from a strategic alliance between MGM Resorts International and Entain Plc, providing it with exclusive access to MGM’s comprehensive U.S. land-based and online gaming portfolio. BetMGM, along with other brands like Borgata Casino and Party Poker, strives to redefine industry standards through advanced technology and a broad range of gaming products, offering unmatched gaming experiences to a global audience.

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Slotegrator, a leading online gaming software provider, has recently announced the expansion of its partner network with the addition of EvenBet and PoggiPlay. This strategic move aims to enhance Slotegrator’s portfolio of poker, card games, and slot titles.

EvenBet: A Legacy of Excellence in Poker and Card Games

Since its inception in 2001, EvenBet has been a prominent figure in the gaming industry, amassing an impressive portfolio and extensive experience over the past 20 years. Now, as a member of Slotegrator’s partner network, EvenBet brings its specialized expertise in online poker software development to the table. The company’s track record speaks for itself, having successfully launched more than 130 poker projects on a global scale. These projects cater to an enormous user base, with 30 million active players engaging with EvenBet’s software daily across 38 countries. With such a strong foundation and proven success, EvenBet is poised to make a significant impact within Slotegrator’s partner ecosystem.

“We are thrilled to join forces with Slotegrator and bring our extensive portfolio of poker and card games to their platform,” said an EvenBet spokesperson. “This partnership allows us to expand our reach and provide players with an unparalleled gaming experience across various devices.”

PoggiPlay: Innovative Approach to Slot Game Development

PoggiPlay, a dynamic casino games provider, has also joined Slotegrator’s partner network. With a portfolio of over 14 titles and a focus on captivating design and immersive storylines, PoggiPlay is poised to make a significant impact in the gaming industry.

Andrey Anikeev, PoggiPlay’s CBDO, expressed optimism about the partnership: “Joining forces with Slotegrator is a crucial step in our journey towards the players’ hearts worldwide. The PoggiPlay Universe will expand significantly with the help of Slotegrator’s unquestioned industry expertise!”

Seamless Integration through APIgrator

Slotegrator’s cutting-edge APIgrator solution offers online casino operators a seamless and effortless way to incorporate the entire suite of games from both EvenBet and PoggiPlay into their platforms. By leveraging this efficient integration process, operators can quickly and easily expand their gaming portfolios without the usual headaches associated with such endeavors. 

The APIgrator ensures a smooth and trouble-free experience, allowing operators to focus on delivering an enhanced gaming experience to their players. With this powerful tool at their disposal, online casinos can confidently embrace the innovative offerings from EvenBet and PoggiPlay, ultimately elevating their position in the competitive gaming market.

Naman Bajaj, a senior sales manager at Slotegrator, remarked on the company’s partnership with PoggiPlay, noting that the latter has quickly established itself in the market despite its newcomer status. Bajaj attributed PoggiPlay’s success to its innovative approach to game development, which appeals to both younger audiences and experienced players looking for novel gaming experiences. He expressed Slotegrator’s enthusiasm in offering PoggiPlay’s creative titles to their clientele.

Expanding Reach in Europe and Asia

The partnership with PoggiPlay also aims to expand Slotegrator’s reach in Europe and Asia. The agreement includes the integration of PoggiPlay’s slot games into Slotegrator’s platform, along with promotional features such as free spins.

In April 2024, Betnwin partnered with Slotegrator to bring its gaming content to India via Slotegrator’s APIgrator, a game integration platform designed to facilitate the introduction of new gaming content to the Indian market.

As Slotegrator continues to expand its partner network, the company remains committed to providing operators with the best-in-class gaming content and solutions to enhance player engagement and drive growth in the online gaming industry.

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In a move that has sent shockwaves through the Dutch gambling industry, the newly formed coalition government, consisting of the PVV, VVD, NSC, and BBB parties, has proposed a substantial increase in the gambling tax rate. The budgetary annex of the coalition agreement, titled “Hope, Courage and Pride,” outlines a plan to raise the tax from the current 30.5% to 37.8%, aiming to generate an additional €202 million annually for the state treasury.

Coalition Agreement and Tax Increase Details 

The coalition agreement was finalized in the late hours of May 15, with all four parties reaching a consensus just before the deadline. The 26-page document was officially presented to the public on the morning of May 16. While the main text of the agreement does not specifically mention gambling, the budgetary annex clearly states the intention to increase the gambling tax by €202 million on a structural basis, resulting in a rate increase from 30.5% to 37.8%.

Industry Reaction and Concerns 

The proposed tax hike has been met with strong opposition from industry stakeholders. The Netherlands Online Gambling Association (NOGA) has warned that the move could jeopardize the legal market and lead to an increase in illegal gambling, crime, and addiction. NOGA director Peter-Paul de Goeij expressed concerns that the proposed increase would further decline the legal gambling supply, putting Dutch consumers at risk of resorting to illegal providers who do not pay taxes or adhere to the duty of care prescribed by Dutch legislation.

Impact on Land-Based Gaming Operators

The land-based gaming industry association, VAN Kansspelen, has also voiced its apprehensions about the proposed tax increase. VAN chairman Henry Meijdam emphasized that the move is socially irresponsible and could lead to major problems and costs regarding safety and care. The association’s members, particularly smaller operators, are already facing declining revenues due to strict gambling regulations in the Netherlands, and the tax hike could put them at significant risk of closure.

Wider Ramifications

As the Dutch government moves forward with its plans to increase the gambling tax rate, industry stakeholders continue to advocate against the proposal, highlighting the potential negative consequences for both online and land-based operators. The debate surrounding the balance between fiscal goals and the sustainability of the Dutch gaming sector is likely to intensify in the coming months, as the implications of the new tax rate unfold.


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The French gambling industry is under pressure to enhance its efforts in combating problem gambling and promoting responsible gambling practices. In a collaborative effort, the country’s gambling mediator, Médiateur des Jeux, and the industry regulator, Autorité Nationale des Jeux (ANJ), have released an annual report emphasizing the need for operators to take decisive action in preventing excessive gambling among players.

Delayed Account Suspensions: 

Denys Millet, France’s gambling mediator and an honorary magistrate, expressed concern over the tendency of French operators to delay or reject account suspension measures. Millet stressed the importance of implementing these measures promptly when players exhibit signs of losing control, such as failing to respond to prevention messages, avoiding contact, or increasing their deposits and bets significantly. By engaging in open dialogue with gamblers, operators can offer better support and identify individuals struggling with excessive or pathological gambling.

Insufficient Referrals for Addiction: 

The report highlighted a discrepancy between the number of referrals for addiction issues and the actual prevalence of problem gambling in France. While there has been an increase in complaints related to account closures for players who do not self-identify as problem gamblers, the overall number of referrals remains low. The last comprehensive report on excessive gambling in France dates back to 2019, with an updated version expected by the end of the current year.

Fraudulent Activity and Account Closures: 

The mediator addressed the issue of operators unilaterally confiscating players’ deposits when suspicions arise regarding the authenticity of provided documents. The report emphasized that operators must provide clear and factual reasons for account closures and should not seize deposits without proper justification. Account closures are deemed acceptable if a report of suspicious activity is submitted to TRACFIN, France’s financial tracking unit, or if the operator can prove that the bets were placed illegally.

Fair Terms and Conditions: 

While acknowledging operators’ right to cancel bets placed on the same selection within a short timeframe, the mediator cautioned against the abuse of “potestative” terms, which are solely dependent on the operator’s discretion. Particular attention should be paid when such terms are applied to winning bets.

Informing Players of Inactivity Closures: 

The report recommends that operators inform players of impending account closures due to inactivity after 11 months, providing them with the opportunity to either continue playing or close their account without incurring charges. This measure aims to promote transparency and fairness in the handling of dormant accounts.

Mediator’s Workload and Efficiency: 

In 2023, the mediator handled a total of 1,523 player requests for intervention, marking an 11% increase compared to the previous year. The vast majority of these requests (91%) pertained to disputes between sports bettors and bookmakers. The report revealed that 752 requests were deemed inadmissible, primarily due to the lack of a prior written complaint to the operators (89%). Despite the volume of cases, the mediator maintained an average processing time of 31 days, well within the 90-day limit set by France’s Consumer Code. Notably, 30% of the requests received either partial or total satisfaction.


The French gambling industry finds itself at a critical juncture, with the mediator and regulator calling for a concerted effort to strengthen player protection measures and promote responsible gambling practices. By implementing the recommendations outlined in the annual report, operators can demonstrate their commitment to safeguarding players, identifying and supporting those at risk of excessive gambling, and fostering a safer and more sustainable gambling environment in France. The industry must prioritize player well-being and take proactive steps to address the concerns raised by the mediator and regulator, ensuring the long-term integrity and viability of the gambling sector.


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