The French gambling industry is under pressure to enhance its efforts in combating problem gambling and promoting responsible gambling practices. In a collaborative effort, the country’s gambling mediator, Médiateur des Jeux, and the industry regulator, Autorité Nationale des Jeux (ANJ), have released an annual report emphasizing the need for operators to take decisive action in preventing excessive gambling among players.

Delayed Account Suspensions: 

Denys Millet, France’s gambling mediator and an honorary magistrate, expressed concern over the tendency of French operators to delay or reject account suspension measures. Millet stressed the importance of implementing these measures promptly when players exhibit signs of losing control, such as failing to respond to prevention messages, avoiding contact, or increasing their deposits and bets significantly. By engaging in open dialogue with gamblers, operators can offer better support and identify individuals struggling with excessive or pathological gambling.

Insufficient Referrals for Addiction: 

The report highlighted a discrepancy between the number of referrals for addiction issues and the actual prevalence of problem gambling in France. While there has been an increase in complaints related to account closures for players who do not self-identify as problem gamblers, the overall number of referrals remains low. The last comprehensive report on excessive gambling in France dates back to 2019, with an updated version expected by the end of the current year.

Fraudulent Activity and Account Closures: 

The mediator addressed the issue of operators unilaterally confiscating players’ deposits when suspicions arise regarding the authenticity of provided documents. The report emphasized that operators must provide clear and factual reasons for account closures and should not seize deposits without proper justification. Account closures are deemed acceptable if a report of suspicious activity is submitted to TRACFIN, France’s financial tracking unit, or if the operator can prove that the bets were placed illegally.

Fair Terms and Conditions: 

While acknowledging operators’ right to cancel bets placed on the same selection within a short timeframe, the mediator cautioned against the abuse of “potestative” terms, which are solely dependent on the operator’s discretion. Particular attention should be paid when such terms are applied to winning bets.

Informing Players of Inactivity Closures: 

The report recommends that operators inform players of impending account closures due to inactivity after 11 months, providing them with the opportunity to either continue playing or close their account without incurring charges. This measure aims to promote transparency and fairness in the handling of dormant accounts.

Mediator’s Workload and Efficiency: 

In 2023, the mediator handled a total of 1,523 player requests for intervention, marking an 11% increase compared to the previous year. The vast majority of these requests (91%) pertained to disputes between sports bettors and bookmakers. The report revealed that 752 requests were deemed inadmissible, primarily due to the lack of a prior written complaint to the operators (89%). Despite the volume of cases, the mediator maintained an average processing time of 31 days, well within the 90-day limit set by France’s Consumer Code. Notably, 30% of the requests received either partial or total satisfaction.


The French gambling industry finds itself at a critical juncture, with the mediator and regulator calling for a concerted effort to strengthen player protection measures and promote responsible gambling practices. By implementing the recommendations outlined in the annual report, operators can demonstrate their commitment to safeguarding players, identifying and supporting those at risk of excessive gambling, and fostering a safer and more sustainable gambling environment in France. The industry must prioritize player well-being and take proactive steps to address the concerns raised by the mediator and regulator, ensuring the long-term integrity and viability of the gambling sector.


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