WPT Global is currently running a promotion called “12 Days of Xmas” which began on December 1, with exciting rewards up for grabs until December 12. Winning a reward is fairly easy, as you only need to complete a set of challenges.

The Details

You have three levels of challenges to choose from – Easy, Medium, and Hard. There are a total of 24 challenges spread out across these three levels, and they are all achievable.

For instance, under the Easy category, the challenges include trying Rabbit Hunt and making a Side Bet. In the Medium level, one of the missions is to reach the money in an MTT tournament. The Hard level has four challenges, among them is to play 1,000 NLH Cash Game Hands.

How to Win

To win a prize, you are only required to complete at least five missions. Fulfilling more challenges means you’ll get more rewards. 

For example, if you complete 10 challenges, you’ll receive $5 in cash. Make that 15 and you’ll get $11 MTT ticket and $15 cash. Or complete 20 missions to win $50 cash and up to $500 in a $10K raffle. If you complete all 24 missions, you’ll be awarded $200 cash plus the chance to win up to $2,000 in a $20K raffle.