4 Seasons Slot


In the age when we have tons of online slot variants talking about the violence, anger, and hate we have in the society, 4 Seasons Slot is something that offers a respite from all the nonsense negativity in the society. It is possibly one of the cutest looking slot games we have in today thanks to the visual appeal which is the most glorious part of the slot.

4 Seasons Slot is basically a five reels slot game that offers a thirty paylines betting option and not to forget that playing this slot is nothing less than enjoying the cutest reels dancing on the your tune. First of all, we should talk about the visual appeal which is the most glorified part of the game. Once you land the game, you witness far reachable scenery of a hypothetical place containing all the eye catching pictures and reel matrix, which is its most fascinating section, has everything to catch your imagination thanks to the three dimensional nicely designed slot symbols which are the USP of the slot.

Moreover, if you look at the bottom area, we have all the navigational options designed in unique way as well. Without a fine sound support, every such effort can go in vain, but Betsoft, the developer of the slot, made it sure they won’t make any mistake in the slot hence they added an ear catching sound support that cools your senses whenever you rolls the reels.


4 Seasons Video Slot Payout


4 Seasons Slot Gameplay

With so many traits in audio visual department, this slot has to have an easy to go through gameplay so more and more players could enjoy its features. If any player wants to play this slot, he needs to wager from one to five coins per payline and value of each of them can be from two cents to five dollars that offers diversified options for every slot player to customize their bets based on the size of their bankroll. And, don’t confused that this slot is not going to offer you lucrative prizes as you can still win up to 2400 coins if you could land a dream landing screen.

Anyways, if you are agreed on the minimum wager condition and want to check the game for real money, start picking the base options, like number of coins per line along with their value and lines you want to play with. Last step is to hit the obvious Spin and reels will start offering you your landing screen.


4 Seasons Video Slot Bonuses

Since this slot is a stand apart in online slot industry with its visual appeal, how can developer miss on the bonus aspects of the slot? Yes, this slot has the exclusive bonus rounds that offer an incredible winning opportunity to add lots of money into your bankroll and Zodiac Wheel is such a feature. This is actually located at the left corner of your screen and every time you complete thirty spins, it shows a new Golden animal. If the Golden animal appears in a combination with any other animal in any forthcoming roll, it pays out 10x. Apart from that, adjacent animals will turn silver and pays out 5x while the animals to the left and right of the silver animal pays out 2x.


4 Seasons Slot Free Spins


Moreover, there is also a season specific prize which changes in every season like Winter, Summer, Autumn, and Spring. As said, after thirty spins season changes and so the Golden animal along with multipliers tied to these animals. You could win a multiplier of 10x for a Golden animal, 5x for a Silver animal, and for a Bronze 2x.


4 Seasons Slot Feature Games

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