Centre Court Slot


Centre Court Slot is one of the most professional slots variant from the house of Microgaming. Despite its elite look it is not hard hitting on players pocket and since it is classified under penny slots where you need to wager a minimum of one cent to start rolling the spins. Like its name suggests, Centre Court Slot is a Tennis theme slot where you will find symbols and players in action with a rackets their hands, however, if we talk about how easy going this game has been, it deploys one of the finest graphic engines that never lands you in trouble even if you are in fast action mode.

Visuals of the game are carefully designed in line with its core theme hence you will see lavish greenery in the background that reminds you the court of a tennis game and other symbols include creatively designed alphabets with a rolling tennis ball. Precisely, it is five reels slot game that offers as many as nine paylines to bet upon and its wagering requirement is not too heavy on any player’s bankroll. You can range your bets from one cent to forty five dollars if you wagering with Bet Max option.


Gameplay and How Fast You Can Go

These days slots games use ultra-fast gaming engines that run much faster than some five years old slots and being a newest addition to Microgaming portfolio, Centre Court delivers at par with the expectations. You just have to pick few options before you begin rolling the spin and rest in up to the game algorithm that does the magic in front of you. First, you need to have a plan about how much you need to wager and when to stop. Then segregate your bankroll into number of bets you want to place and then start picking number of coins per line along with their value. Once you hit the Spin, you see rolling symbols with an enticing sound in the background and within few seconds your final landing screen is in front of you to make you richer by the amount shown under the Win tab.


Centre Court Slot Free Spins Feature


Centre Court Slot Extra Features

Expectedly, this game has several add-ons that help you win more and more in quick succession and scatter symbols, which is the tennis ball, is one of them that offers you up to eighteen free spins if you have it for more than three times on the landing screen. Moreover, during each free spin all your winning gets multiplied from 2x to 5x based on how many scatters you have had in the original landing screen.

And if you are lucky enough to win something, you are offered to Gamble on your winnings, which means, you can double or quadruple your winning if you correctly guess the right color and suite of the on-screen card. But be careful, if you fail you won’t carry anything at home, so enter into the Gamble round only if it is necessary for you.


Centre Court Slot Pay Table


Final Note

Despite just nine paylines in the offering, Centre Court Slot is truly a beauty in online slots gaming and for this reason it was an instant hit in Microgaming’s online casinos when it was first launched back in 2104. Even today it generates considerable revenue for casinos while offering handsome return to players as well.


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