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Pub Fruity Slot


Pub Fruity Slot

Pub Fruity Slot is definitely one slot game from Microgaming that will automatically make you think of fruits and sweet things. Sweet things are indeed what you are going to get when you play this online slot game as you win money after money. You should know though that the Pub Fruity Slot is not your regular slot game as there are more to this than meet the eye.


Pub Fruity Slot Theme and the Symbols

As stated above, the theme of Pub Fruity Slot is fruits, and as such, you are bound to see fruit symbols here to complement the theme. The symbols that are included in the online slot game include the usual cherries as well as lemons, and you will also see her grapes as well as watermelons and oranges. Other symbols included in the game are the Pub Fruity Slot symbol, of course, bells, and bars. The background music may somewhat be distracting, but it perfectly complements the theme, too.

The Pub Fruity Slot was developed by Microgaming, a trusted online casinos software provider, so the graphics and sounds are excellent as expected. The gameplay is also relatively very smooth with less lags and glitches.


Pub Fruity Slot Payout

The Pub Fruity Slot has one pay lines with three reels. Although this online slot game also has no wild symbol or scatter symbol, there is a bonus feature though that you can enjoy. All these will greatly increase your chances of winning and winning big.

Other features that will greatly increase your chances of winning are the nudge and hold function. In a nutshell, you can use the nudge feature to "nudge" a reel down and the hold feature to "hold" selected reels and stop them from spinning.

As for the bonus feature, you can only gain access to it when the three darts are lit up. This will happen when dart symbols land beside the payline, and when all the darts are activated, you can play the bonus feature wherein you have to choose one of the three dart players to throw the dart. Choose the right person, and you win a thousand coins.

As to jackpot prize, all you have to do to get it is to land all three Pub Fruity Slot symbols on the payline and win 250 coins.

It is this simple to play Pub Fruity Slot, so be sure to check it out if you want a good way to earn some extra cash.


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