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BGaming has introduced its latest instant game, “Fishing Club,” a first-person fishing simulator that offers players a chance to reel in big wins. Released on June 12th, 2024, this game combines the excitement of fishing with the thrill of gambling, all set to a country music soundtrack.

Gameplay and Features

In “Fishing Club,” players set their bets before casting a line into a virtual lake. Each round offers the possibility of catching nothing or landing fish prizes that range from 1x to 100x the player’s bet. The game features five bet levels, where players can choose risk levels from one to five stars. Higher risk levels increase the minimum stake but also boost potential rewards.

With medium-low volatility and a high RTP of 97.16%, “Fishing Club” offers the potential for wins up to 3,000x the stake. This combination makes for a balanced gameplay experience that can appeal to a wide range of players.

Innovative Features

Mikalai Dzeneladze, Chief Casual Game Producer at BGaming, highlighted the uniqueness of “Fishing Club.” He stated, “Fishing Club is our first fishing simulator, taking BGaming’s portfolio beyond what operators have seen before. We’ve added fish as multipliers and introduced an enjoyable first-person perspective, which is new to the igaming market. Players have never felt more immersed in a release, with each spin controlling the rod.”

One of the standout features is the snapshot functionality. Two snapshots appear on the game screen when players achieve their highest prize yet. One shows the player’s largest win, and the other displays the highest multiplier received. This adds a personal touch to the game, making each big catch feel like a real achievement.

A Fresh Addition to BGaming’s Portfolio

Dzeneladze added, “We also celebrate their achievements with a snapshot feature that displays their best win and best catch, just as proud anglers do in real life. I’m sure that this casual and dynamic game will help operators diversify their portfolio.”

Try It Out

Players interested in testing “Fishing Club” can try the demo version here. Stay tuned for more updates on the latest slots and innovative games in the industry.

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Certification and Market Expansion

EvenBet Gaming, a prominent online gaming provider, has recently expanded its operational reach to the Netherlands after acquiring a critical certification from the Dutch Gaming Authority, Kansspelautoriteit (KSA). This certification, following a rigorous technical assessment by BMM Testlabs, permits EvenBet to offer its poker and card games to regulated operators within the Dutch market. This development allows licensed operators to incorporate EvenBet’s gaming solutions and a customer relationship management (CRM) system to efficiently manage poker tables and clientele.

Leadership Perspectives

Dmitry Starostenkov, CEO of EvenBet Gaming, expressed his enthusiasm about this milestone, stating, “Receiving a Dutch certification marks a significant moment in EvenBet’s history. It underscores our commitment to operating within stringent regulatory frameworks to deliver a superior gaming experience to players. This expansion is a testament to our broad commercial strategy and our delight in joining a market that has limited but dedicated game development providers.”

Regulatory Adjustments in the Netherlands

Concurrently, the Dutch gambling sector is experiencing shifts in regulatory practices. René Jansen, the outgoing chairman of KSA, announced during his final speech at the Gaming in Holland Conference in Amsterdam, the introduction of a new Online Duty of Care Department. This temporary unit will be dedicated to ensuring online gambling operators adhere to their responsibilities towards players, with new staff being recruited to support this initiative starting September 1st.

The creation of this department is a direct response to incidents of excessive gambling, demonstrating that some operators have fallen short in their duty of care. The department aims to enforce compliance through various measures such as warning letters, fines, and more stringent penalties.

Concerns and Future Challenges

During his address, Jansen also voiced concerns about potential increases in gambling tax and restrictive advertising policies. He argued that such changes could drive consumers towards unlicensed operators, increasing the risk associated with online gambling. Furthermore, Jansen highlighted the challenges of ensuring that online gambling advertisements reach an appropriate audience, citing the current regulation that aims for 95% of such ads to target individuals aged 24 and above.

Looking ahead, Jansen cautioned operators to maintain ethical practices, especially during high-profile sporting events like Euro 2024 and the Paris Olympics, underscoring the regulator’s focus on rapid intervention to curb any regulatory breaches.


As EvenBet Gaming steps into the Dutch market, it joins a dynamic landscape of regulatory changes and challenges. The company’s ability to navigate these complexities will be crucial in leveraging its new certification to achieve sustainable growth and enhance the gaming experience for Dutch players.


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New York Debut for Flutter

Flutter Entertainment plc has transitioned its primary stock listing to the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). This change follows the company’s switch from a “Premium Listing (commercial company)” to a “Standard Listing (shares)” on the Financial Conduct Authority’s Official List. Despite this move, Flutter’s shares will still be available on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange under the Standard Listing category.

CEO’s Insight on the Move

CEO Peter Jackson highlighted this shift as a significant milestone for Flutter. “Today marks an important milestone in the evolution of Flutter with the commencement of our primary listing on the New York Stock Exchange,” Jackson said. This follows the relocation of Flutter’s operational headquarters to New York, underlining the importance of the US sports betting and iGaming market, where FanDuel leads.

The decision to shift the primary listing to the US involved extensive investor consultations since February 2023. The process began with an additional listing on the NYSE on January 29, 2024, and culminated in shareholders approving a special resolution on May 1, 2024. This resolution finalized the transfer from a Premium to a Standard Listing on the London Stock Exchange, making the NYSE Flutter’s primary listing.

Global Market Leader

Flutter Entertainment is a global leader in online sports betting and iGaming, with a strong presence in markets including the US. The company aims to revolutionize the industry through scale and innovation, driving long-term growth and sustainability. Flutter’s portfolio includes top brands like FanDuel, Sky Betting & Gaming, Sportsbet, PokerStars, Paddy Power, Sisal, Tombola, Betfair, MaxBet, Junglee Games, and Adjarabet.

CFO Transition

Alongside this listing change, Flutter announced that Group CFO Paul Edgecliffe-Johnson will step down immediately. Rob Coldrake, Flutter International’s CFO since 2020, will take over. Edgecliffe-Johnson’s departure aligns with Flutter’s strategy to bolster its executive management presence in the US. The company thanked him for his efforts in the US primary listing process and wished him well.

Flutter’s board is confident in Rob Coldrake’s appointment as the new Group CFO and praises his contributions and leadership. This executive change signifies Flutter’s commitment to growth and collaboration as it navigates the competitive landscape of sports betting and iGaming.

Flutter Entertainment’s move to the NYSE and the leadership change highlight its strategic focus on expanding its presence in the lucrative US market, aiming for sustainable growth in the evolving gambling industry.


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EU Takes Final Step in Strengthening Financial Security

The European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) has expressed strong support for the European Union’s new anti-money laundering (AML) package, finalized on May 30. This significant development comes after the European Council’s approval, marking the completion of the EU’s legislative process aimed at intensifying the fight against financial crime.

Establishing a Robust Framework

The newly approved AML package introduces several critical measures to enhance the EU’s approach to combating money laundering. Key components include the establishment of the European Anti-Money Laundering Authority (AMLA), the introduction of the 6th Anti-Money Laundering Directive, and the implementation of a new Anti-Money Laundering Regulation (AMLR).

The 6th AML Directive outlines national provisions for supervision and grants national AML authorities expanded powers. The AMLR focuses on due diligence, transparency of beneficial owners, and the creation of a standardized reporting format for Suspicious Transaction Reports (STRs), ensuring consistent requirements across all EU member states.

Strengthening Industry Guidelines

With the finalization of these new rules, EGBA Director of Legal and Regulatory Affairs, Dr. Ekaterina Hartmann, emphasized the association’s commitment to aligning with the updated regulations. Dr. Hartmann stated, “We welcome the finalization of the new anti-money laundering package. EGBA has actively followed and contributed to the revision of the AML rules at the EU level and believes the new rules will benefit Europe’s online gambling operators, especially those operating in multiple jurisdictions, by ensuring a single regulatory approach across EU member states.”

EGBA plans to review and update its industry guidelines on AML to ensure compliance with the new EU rules. By adhering to these guidelines, operators can start preparing for the upcoming changes and join efforts to proactively combat money laundering within the EU.

Looking Ahead

In addition to embracing the new AML measures, EGBA has announced the dates for the European Safer Gambling Week 2024, scheduled for November 18-24. This event underscores the association’s ongoing commitment to promoting safer gambling practices across Europe.


The finalization of the EU’s anti-money laundering package marks a significant milestone for the online gambling industry. By establishing a unified regulatory framework, the new measures will facilitate smoother operations for online gambling operators across multiple jurisdictions. This harmonization strengthens the industry’s defenses against financial crime and promotes a more transparent and secure environment for all stakeholders. Ultimately, these developments represent a positive and proactive step forward in safeguarding the integrity of the online gambling industry.

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Montenegro has recently enacted significant amendments to its gambling laws, explicitly banning modern electronic payment methods, such as Apple Pay, PayPal, and mobile banking. These changes have caused substantial unrest within the local and international financial communities, particularly affecting the European betting and iGaming sectors.

Impact on EU Aspirations and Legal Standards

The amendments, specifically the revised Article 68f, have ignited concerns about Montenegro’s alignment with European Union (EU) standards. Montenegro, an EU candidate country, is expected to conform to EU regulations. However, these new legal provisions appear to contradict several crucial EU directives, including those aimed at creating a unified market for electronic payments and enhancing anti-money laundering measures. The exclusion of digital payment options could significantly impact Montenegro’s journey towards EU accession.

Industry Reaction and Economic Ramifications

The gambling sector in Montenegro, which is a notable part of the national economy, has responded sharply to these changes. A petition against the amendments quickly gathered 25,000 signatures, emphasizing the potential economic damage and job losses that could result from these laws. Montenegro Bet, the national trade association, has voiced significant concerns, initiating a constitutional review and legal actions to challenge the amendments.

Legal Challenges and the Path Forward

The prohibition of electronic payments not only disrupts the operation of existing businesses but also poses broader economic risks by potentially increasing cash-based transactions, which are seen as more vulnerable to money laundering activities. This move has prompted multiple lawsuits, including considerations of action before international courts, reflecting the industry’s grave concerns about the restrictive nature of the new regulations.

Conclusion: Navigating Compliance and Modern Financial Practices

As Montenegro navigates these controversial legal changes, the government faces critical decisions about its economic and regulatory future. The country’s commitment to aligning with EU standards and embracing modern financial practices will be crucial in determining its role in the global financial landscape and its potential EU membership.

Montenegro’s legislative actions present a complex scenario of balancing national legal frameworks with international compliance requirements and economic interests. The outcome of this legislative conflict will have long-lasting implications for the country’s economic stability and its relationship with the EU.

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