888 Holdings, based in London, plans a major rebrand to become Evoke plc. 

The company, listed on the London Stock Exchange, is shifting its focus towards prominent European markets such as Denmark, Spain, Italy, and the UK, coupled with initiatives to cut costs.

Leadership Aims for Revival 

With Per Widerström at the helm since October, 888 Holdings has been facing an 18-month period of challenges that have impacted its stock performance. Widerström, leveraging his extensive experience in online gambling, is set on revitalizing the company’s fortunes amidst managerial changes and regulatory hurdles.

Refocusing Efforts and Financial Goals 

The company’s refocused efforts on key markets, which generate 85% of its revenue, resulted in an income boost to £1.7 billion in 2023 from £1.2 billion in 2022. Additionally, the company seeks to significantly lower its debt, heightened by the 2021 acquisition of William Hill’s international operations.

Exiting the U.S. Market for Efficiency 

In a move towards operational efficiency, 888 Holdings plans to withdraw from its U.S. consumer sports wagering venture, anticipating considerable cost reductions. This step includes terminating its partnership with Authentic Brands Group, which allowed exclusive use of the Sports Illustrated brand for online gaming and betting in the U.S.

The Challenge of Rebranding 

Aiming for a brand that better mirrors its diverse brand model and commitment to top-tier betting and gaming experiences, the company is cautious of the inherent risks in rebranding, learning from others in the industry.

Reviewing Fiscal Year 2023 

Despite a net loss, 888 Holdings saw an uplift in revenue and adjusted EBITDA in 2023. The company is fine-tuning its operational costs and adopting a market approach that prioritizes sustainable practices, especially in the UK, targeting recreational customers for higher margins.

Evoke plc: A Fresh Direction 

The transition to Evoke plc represents the company’s commitment to a new direction and financial aspirations. The launch of a Value Creation Plan (VCP) aims at operational efficiency and a streamlined market strategy, distinguishing between core markets for growth and others for maximized returns.

Confidence in the Future 

CEO Widerström is optimistic about the company’s direction and its potential for success, driven by technology, market leadership, and brand strength. Evoke plc aims for revitalization and growth with clear targets for the upcoming years.

As 888 Holdings transforms into Evoke plc, it heralds a move towards optimizing its market presence and financial stability. Under experienced leadership and with a vision, the company will be ready for what the future of the industry holds.


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