What started as an ordinary day at the gaming tables at Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh turned into a memorable one for five players after their game triggered a huge $905,000 bad beat jackpot, allowing each of them to walk away with at least $45,000. 

Quad Aces vs. Royal Flush Triggers $904K Bad Beat Jackpot

The $905,000 bad beat jackpot was hit on November 28 at Rivers Casino Pittsburgh after Scott Thompson lost his quad aces to the royal flush of Brent Enos. Being the loser in that hand, Thompson took home the largest slice of the jackpot, worth $362,000. Enos received $271,000, while the three others who were at the same table with Thompson and Enos were each awarded $45,000. 

It looks like Rivers Casino Pittsburgh is slowly becoming a “national bad beat jackpot hotspot”, something that the venue welcomes with open arms. The venue currently holds the record for awarding the biggest bad beat jackpot in the US which was worth $1.2 million. It was hit in August 2022, with the “loser” taking home nearly $500,000.

The world record for the largest bad beat jackpot was set at Playground Poker Club in Quebec, Canada just this year. A poker bad beat jackpot worth an astonishing CAD $2,590,185 (approximately $1.9 million) was hit on August 9, with the loser of the hand receiving CAD $984,270.