Alexander Seibt, known by his moniker “Wolfgang Poker”, has hit a new milestone in his poker vlogging career after reaching one million subscribers on YouTube. 

Journey to Poker Stardom

A native of Chicago, Illinois, Seibt got acquainted with poker at a young age, playing the game with his friends in a Chicago basement. His passion for the game later expanded into the world of content creation, from which he gained a significant following. 

Seibt’s YouTube channel “Wolfgang Poker” was not initially intended for the game of poker. He created the channel in hopes of building a career out of it and avoiding the traditional 9-5 job. 

Wolfgang Poker started out as some sort of an entertainment channel where Seibt would post videos of himself doing funny things. The 29-year-old got his big break when his Justin Bieber impersonation video went viral, garnering nearly two million views. From there, the channel began to grow and eventually exploded in popularity when Seibt began posting short videos of his poker exploits. 

Seibt Creates History

No other poker content creator – not even Daniel Negreanu, Doug Polk, or Brad Owen – has amassed one million YouTube subscribers, which means Seibt has earned bragging rights for being the first to reach that milestone. 

At the moment, Wolfgang Poker is growing at around 4,000 subscribers a day and Seibt is just proud and happy that he is helping to promote the game and attract more people into the poker ecosystem through his channel.