After decades of unsuccessful attempts, Canada will soon be making betting on single games a legal pastime. C-218 has been approved by the Senate, and amends the existing Criminal Code provisions that govern gambling on single sports games such as football and hockey. At present, it is illegal to bet on single sports games, with the exception of horse racing.

The bill was approved by a vote of 57 in favor and 20 against. The final step towards turning it into law is to receive royal assent.

The bill has gathered support across all parties and passed the House of Commons backed by all sides.

It also has the support of sports leagues such as the Canadian Football League and the National Hockey League.

Provincial governments have been pushing for the country to allow single-event betting so that they can get part of the revenue that will roll in as a result. The revenues are earmarked to support health care, education and addiction research.

According to one of the bill’s sponsors, Senator David Wells: “Canadians are placing billions of dollars’ worth of bets annually through these (offshore) sites, that go entirely unregulated in Canada.”

The sponsors are hoping that legally allowing this type of betting will direct some of the revenue that goes on black market sports betting, back into the country’s coffers.