Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds and his partner the Remington Group were initially considered strong contenders to be the next owners of the NHL franchise- Ottawa Senators. However, Reynolds and the Remington Group dropped out of the race and as a result, it a new favorite has emerged. 

First Nations of Canada In The Running

American rapper Snoop Dogg had earlier announced that he had partnered with Neko Sparks to make a bid for the Ottawa Senators. Snoop has now told his social media fans that their bid to acquire the Senators has been further strengthened with the First Nations of Canada joining their partnership deal.

Snoop welcomed First Nations of Canada and said that their partnership will offer an equity stake for local Indigenous communities. The Senators are estimated to be worth around $800 million and latest reports suggest a total of four bids have been sent to the Senators with one of those bids estimated to be around $1 billion.

Snoop did not provide any information as to what amount was their bid to acquire the Senators. Some of the other bids came from Steve Apostolopoulos who is from Toronto, Jeffrey and Michael Kimel; and Michael Andlauer.