Party Casino is thrilled to announce that a lucky punter, wagering on a video slot at the site on Wednesday, 11th December 2019, managed to hit the site’s Gold Mega Jackpot that resulted in a huge cash prize of $695,592.

The online casino has revealed that the player’s win is far below the average amount of $879,825 that the game pays out every couple of months.  The highest recorded win for this video slot game was a massive sum of $1,985,920 that was won by Carmeeq8 in the year 2011.

The Gold Mega Jackpot is the highest of the 4 jackpots that can be won while playing on a number of different video slots at Party Casino.

All video slots offering this jackpot have a Jackpot Feature Game which determines the jackpot level won.  Players click on 6 of the 9 symbols displayed in order to reveal Dollar signs while each of these signs rewards them with one level of the jackpot, with the highest amount of Dollar signs required to land the Mega being 4 Dollar signs.

The Jackpot Feature game can be triggered during any bonus games or free spin games at these slots.

In order to play for the Mega Jackpot players must play on any of the following slots:

  • Tornadough
  • The Sting
  • Dragon’s Hoard, Hawaiian Madness
  • Super Star
  • Super Joker
  • Super Fortune Wheel
  • Super Mystic and
  • Mega Fortune Wheel.

All the above slot games feature a Wild symbol, a Scatter symbol and the Jackpot Feature Game.

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