Japan’s National Police Agency has announced it is expanding its anonymous crime reporting system to cover illegal online gambling. Starting October 1, the Japanese police will be accepting anonymous tips or crime reports regarding unauthorized gambling websites operating in Japan. The move is part of efforts by the agency to curb illegal online gambling.

The new changes to the anonymous crime reporting system mean members of the public may report to the police illegal operations involving online casinos, as well as activities carried out by anonymous mobile crime groups on social media.

The move is part of efforts by the agency to curb illegal online gambling.

Established in 2007, Japan’s anonymous crime reporting system allows any individual in the country to file reports through a dedicated website and a telephone hotline. Anonymous tips assist police in taking enforcement actions against perpetrators. In 2022 alone, Japanese law enforcers received over 27,000 reports via the anonymous crime reporting system. That resulted in arrests related to a total of 45 cases.

Reward Increased to JPY1 Million

The system initially catered to reports regarding human trafficking and child prostitution and was later expanded to include child abuse, drug and gun cases, phone scams, as well as illegal practices conducted by gangs. The maximum reward for anonymous crime tips is currently set at JPY100,000 but that figure will increase to JPY1 million, the National Police Agency recently confirmed.