Lawmakers in Michigan are still hoping that they will be able to push through a bill relating to online gambling despite the state’s lame-duck status. Rep. Brandt Iden’s introduced HB-4296 which passed in the House in June this year. The bill aims to “create the lawful internet gaming act; impose requirements for persons to engage in internet gaming; to create the division of internet gaming;” and more.

Under Iden’s bill, all the state’s over 20 tribal casinos, as well as the three commercial casinos, will be allowed to offer online gambling by meeting certain criteria. Those in support of HB 4296 say that regulating the industry will help protect players, since many people already wager online but may be doing so with little safeguards in place. In addition, they say that a legal and regulated online gambling industry in Michigan will bring in much needed funds to the state.

However, not everyone is in favor of the new bill. Those who oppose it believe that it will only encourage compulsive gambling habits. They say that in case the bill does pass, funds should be set aside to help those suffering from addiction.

“We ask that the state put aside money to assist problem gamblers who will develop a problem,” said Michael Burke, the president of Michigan Association on Problem Gambling. “We know that this is going to happen to a certain percent of people, maybe a small percent, but a very large number.”

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