Interest in women’s sports betting is reaching new heights in the U.S., largely driven by basketball sensation Caitlin Clark. Since her debut with the WNBA’s Indiana Fever, Clark has significantly influenced betting patterns, especially during the NCAA women’s basketball tournament. Her presence has sparked a notable shift in how gamblers view and engage with women’s sports.

Broader Trends in Women’s Sports Betting

Beyond Caitlin Clark’s impact, there is a growing trend of increased betting on various women’s sports. With the Olympics on the horizon, sportsbooks anticipate a surge in bets placed on the U.S. women’s basketball and soccer teams, both known for their stellar performances and consistent success.

A Booming Market for Women’s Sports

Meghan Chayka, co-founder of Stathletes, sees the current excitement around women’s sports as an opportunity to “throw gasoline on the fire.” This sentiment is echoed by Johnny Avello of DraftKings, who reports significant increases in ticket prices, media attention, and betting activities as new stars rise in women’s basketball.

Betting Growth Statistics

The enthusiasm for women’s sports is quantifiable, with DraftKings experiencing a 3.5-fold increase in bets on this year’s women’s college basketball tournament. Similarly, BetMGM observed a 175% increase in wagers on WNBA futures.

Validation and Future Prospects

Former WNBA president Donna Orender perceives the rising betting stakes as a validation of women’s sports, reflecting growing public engagement and support. Experts predict that 2024 will be a landmark year for women’s sports in terms of popularity, viewership, and betting activities.

Strategic Betting and Continued Engagement

The sports betting community is increasingly treating women’s sports with the same analytical rigor as men’s. Sportsbooks are extending proposition bets, previously more common in men’s sports, to women’s events, enhancing the betting experience during key games and tournaments.

Despite challenges, such as Clark’s debut game performance, the momentum behind women’s sports betting is expected to continue growing, bolstered by upcoming international events and ongoing support from major betting platforms. This growing trend underscores a broader recognition of the value and appeal of women’s sports in the competitive arena.

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