Generous Santa Slot


Generous Santa is an obvious Santa theme based slot game which was primarily launched to encash the Christmas festive slot business from the house of CTXM/GamesOS Software.

Generous Santa Slot is precisely a slot base on holidays and how Santa can make you happy with surprised gifts. It is a five reels slot game that has twenty paylines betting option along with lots of other goodies to lure your imagination. Like expected, GamesOS has done its job and deliver a brilliant masterpiece on this high popular festive theme and its success is witnessed by the huge number of players who enjoyed its gameplay during 25th December when it was first launched. If you look at its home screen it is one of its kinds with a cartoonist touch which matches to its core theme and all the symbols are as well in match with Santa hence you can easily link this slot with the popular festival even if you belong to the region where Christmas is not popular.


Visual Appeal

Since Generous Santa Slot is a holy festival slot game, there has to be religious values attached to it but if we talk about its build quality and how good GamesOS has delivered in designing a slot that satisfies the players upmost. You would seriously feel bad to see only two dimensional visuals on the screen while there are several other slots of this genre which are available at full three dimensional display, hence GamesOS disappointed little bit in visual appeal but if we club this with the compelling sound, it truly delivers to the imagination. You can call both sound and visual are perfectly made for each other hence overall it is a good afford as far game built is concerned.


Generous Santa Slot Gameplay

Like its base theme, it gameplay is as well creative with some light hearted fun. Although all the options are right there at the bottom of the reel matrix, yet you feel like playing a kids slot game which adds more fun to its gameplay. Firstly, you need to pick few basic options, like how many paylines you want to play with along with how many coins you are wagering per line. Last step is to hit the spin and reels start rolling giving you your landing screen in few seconds. If you want to enjoy its extreme version, try its auto play mode where all the options are chosen only one time and rest is your fate and how far it can take you on the board!


Generous Santa Slot Paytable


Extra features

Even if you are a newbie to the slot gaming, you feel like blessed after having so many helping hands like wild symbol, scatter support along with free spins that can help you complete a winnable combination faster. As a matter of fact, if you could capitalize on every available spin coming to your way you can win as much as 200000 coins if you are playing it on your luckiest day.

Overall, it is not a bad attempt from GamesOS who has now become most reliable slots developer after having so many successful slots variants.


Generous Santa Slot Feature Game