House of Scare Slot


House of Scare Slot is a Halloween theme online video slot game developed by the GamesOS. Its name suggests it rolls around a house which is supposed to be haunted one and situated inside the forests that too looks like the replica of Evil Deal movie plot, although, there is no official association between the two.

Anyways, House of Scare Slot is a five reels slot game that offers twenty five paylines to bet upon. Further, there are more luring features like wild symbol, scatter symbol, free spins, and a unique bonus round which takes the excitement to the next level. Moreover, if we talk specifically about its visual appeal which is the core for every horror based slot game; GamesOS has done a brilliant job by creating one of the most terrific visuals to cover this subject. You start feeling the horror right from the moment you start the game and look at its home screen containing a haunted house like reel matrix containing all the game symbols like the ghost, the zombie, the Vampire, Frankenstein, the Voodoo doll, a couple of monsters, a pumpkin witch, the evil clock, the coffin, a bird, and a red headed witch. Bottom area is where all the navigational options reside making it easier for first time players without jingling around for the selections.


House of Scare Slot Paytable


House of Scare Slot Gameplay

As told earlier, House of Scare carries a brilliant visual appeal which is perfectly supplemented by the sound support and it is essential to create a real life like horror. Once you are impressed with its gameplay and desire to try it with real money, you need to pick few options like how many paylines you want to bet upon along with coins per line.

Since House of Scare Slot has a twenty five paylines gameplay, you need to plan your bets before you exaggeratedly start putting real money wagers. If you are a new slot play and are skeptical with your bankroll, start rolling the reels with as low as twenty cents to two dollars per spin making it well within the range of every slot player, Further, you can play it on hosts of devices along with traditional computers, so you won’t feel missing something when playing it on any of the compatible devices.


House of Scare Video Slot Add-ons

Like said before, it has all the helping hands to win you lots of money and wild symbol – the ‘Red Witch’ – is such icon that helps you complete a winning combination faster. Likewise, there is a scatter symbol which activates bonus round if you get three or more ‘Coffin Car’ symbols anywhere on the screen. In this round, you are taken to a new screen having 3 drivers and your job is to select one of them and race begins. Size of your prize depends upon the position your chosen driver achieves in the race. Another bonus round triggers when you get two Scatter symbols on either of 1, 3 and 5 reels. If you could do this, affected reels freeze and remaining reels are re-spun.


House of Scare Slot Bonus Game

House of Scare Slot Gamble Feature