Jason and the Golden Fleece Slot


With so many slots covering almost every variant in its pocket, Microgaming still looks hungry to deliver more hence they kept checking their software developers by assigning them toughest projects. Jason and the Golden Fleece Slot is one such slot game which is a unique piece in itself. You won’t find many slot variants covering the ancient Greek myth but this one does and does brilliantly.

Microgaming designed Jason and the Golden Fleece Slot game in a five reels format along with a 25-payline gameplay which is most common form of contemporary slot and to add more cherries to its sweetness, they also added few helping hands like wild symbol, which is the title symbol as always, and scatter symbol, which is served by the Golden Fleece. Basically, it is s true depiction of Jason’s search for the Golden Fleece who aims to reclaim the kingdom of Iolkos from King Pelias hence all the game symbols are in line with his famous storyline like you will find a blue ocean in the background while reels matrix looks like to be resting on a boat. This matrix contains three rows of five columns having all the symbols including high paying one.

Bottom area is where all the navigational options reside like your total bet per spin neatly segregated into the number of coins and their values along with total amount you have earned till now. If you are a speed loving player or a high roller, you can play Auto Spin mode with common options for a number of spins without interfering after each spin.


Jason and the Golden Fleece Video Slot - Paytable



Since Jason and the Golden Fleece Slot is an ancient theme based slot, you should not expect heavy or three dimensional visual and righty so Microgaming as well did not put anything not in match with its core theme. You will find all the graphics designed using two dimensional engines only yet they create a feel of the period this slot talks about and this is beautifully achieved by the sound support which supplements the gameplay quite well. When rolling the reels, a melodious tune feels like sailing around you recalling if you are actually on the boat in search of something.


Jason and the Golden Fleece Slot Bonus

Like most of the Microgaming slot variants, you will find several luring bonus rounds, like its Free Spins which are rewarded if you could land Jason and the Golden Fleece logos three or more times anywhere on the reels. You will get ten free spins with a 3x multiplier and if you are lucky enough you can retrigger these free spins if you land the three scatters again.


Jason and the Golden Fleece Slot - Free Spins Game


Another interesting bonus round is Jason’s Journey which is triggered if you could get three, four, or five of the Golden Fleece symbols. This one is actually a global name given to six different bonus rounds that come one after another as you keep completing the level. You need to do a task to reveal the prize you are entitled to in each of the six levels.


Jason and the Golden Fleece Video Slot - Bonus Games