Pipezillas Slot


We live in the world full of different kinds of creatures and we actually hardy think about those how live under the city streets in sewer pipes. Yes, you got it right we are talking about the most unusual and brave attempt by the GamesOS who designed the online video slot Pipezillas which is a five reels slot with entertaining and exciting gameplay. To make it equally aspiring, Pipezillas Slot offers twenty paylines gameplay along with lots of other goodies to stun your bankroll with a bang.

Pipezillas Slot is actually the specialty of GamesOS to do experiments with amazing creatures and this is their next attempt and they did a wonderful job by designing all the symbols with three dimensional inputs offering them a real life like feel. If you have not played this slot before then you will surely enjoy controlling the lives of cute underground monsters who look innocent and eye catching in their slot avatar. Anyways, talking about the build quality of the game and if GamesOS could do any justice to these tiny creatures then yes, they are as real as they should be and credit goes to the designing team of the developer who took care of every tiny detail about them.


Pipezillas Slot Paytable


Pipezillas Slot Gameplay

If you want to enjoy the gameplay of this unique slot game you need to have the understanding of its screen and where all the navigational options reside. Like other games of the same developer, you can find everything at the bottom, however. Reel matrix is located at the center and it is deigned using a funky theme to supplement the core at max. Like the theme of this slot game, its symbols are as well surprising, in fact, most of them would be unknown for you and if you don’t know anything about them, they are: different number of eyes, skin of different colors, unusual particularities of bodies along with more surprising things.

The main navigational area is the bottom one where you need to pick the options one by one. First decide value of your coin and how many of them you would like to play with. Next step is to pick the lines you want to wager your money upon and last step is to hit the Spin and your reels start rolling with an interesting background score. Your final landing screen will be up in there in few seconds to tell if you have anything in match with the pay table else start the rolls again.


Pipezillas Video Slot Extra features

No slot game is complete without having several additional features and these add-ons are there to add more curiosity to your gameplay and Pipezillas is not an exception, perhaps it has all the luring features any slot player can ever aspire for. Wild symbol scatter one, Free spin, and bonus round each of them is as generous as it could be to enrich your bankroll faster and better. If you want to check this game with Play Money, you can, but you won’t be able to take anything home in this mode!