Spin The World Slot


Spin The World Slot is an online video slot which rolls around the world, yes, you guessed it right it talks about the famous buildings from around the world that everyone wants to see at least once in real life like Tower of London, Pyramid, Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, and Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Actually, the symbols this game talks about are the most popular and enjoy the biggest list of aspiring visitors hence those who can’t visit there would surely like to enjoy them on reel canvas hence GamesOS, the developer of slot, decided to design a slot variant which offers at par excitement anyone gets visiting them physically. First of all, we need to look at its visuals and audio support to find out if there is any dissimilarity with the core but since this is a GamesOS product you can’t go wrong in visual department since all the images are designed using three dimensional visuals which offers a real life like experience navigating the most popular icons of the world

Home screen seems to be having a panorama view of the beach in the background and in front side there is a big reel matrix which occupies the whole screen actually. This matrix contains all the game symbols this slot is popular for and, like I said before, these icons are carefully designed to avoid any controversy by presenting the iconic buildings in a wrong mood. Anyways, bottom area has all the navigational options with clear headings so no one gets confused about any of them.


Spin The World Slot



To enjoy the rolling reels of some of the finest cement structures in the world, you need to know few details about the slot like how much you need to wager to roll the reels. Today’s online slot are not designed with a hard and fast wagering requirements, in fact, developer wants to pull every slot player into its vicinity hence minimum wagering requirement is always kept to the lowest. Here too you can begin your first roll with as low as one cent coin and since this is one coin per line slot, you can maximum wager twenty coins per spin making it comfortable to every class of slot player.


Spin The World Slot Bonuses and Extra features

Being a travel based online video slot game, you can expect most luring add-ons into its gameplay so more and more players could dream of taking home something impressive and this one is not an exception. Like other contemporary slots available in the market you get most of the helping support to win something out of each of your spins Apart from the regular features, there is a unique Reverse Play feature which you can activate anytime and if you opt for it, game starts playing in reverse direction. i.e., you start winning whatever you have lost. Simplifying the concept, if you find your luck is not with you, you can switch the gameplay in reverse mode to bend the luck in your way.