Spring Break Slot


Everyone needs a break to heal the tiredness he suffered doing his day to day routine and whenever we have it we enjoy each moment of it and Microgaming decided to encash this popular ambition of mankind hence they designed the online video slot Spring Break which is a five reels slot that offers nine paylines betting option.

This is a fun loving slot game hence it offers a great entertainment to all those players who seek a light and persisting break every day.

Actually, Microgaming, being the leader of casino games developers, understands the need of every slot player hence it has some of the finest slot variants in its portfolio and this one is one of them. As its name suggests, you can find all the items we usually come across during Spring Break Slot like ice lolly, some beers, lots of different types of junk food, a few scantily-clad sun worshippers, and a surfer and they remind us what we are playing and what not to expect from this game.


Spring Break Slot Paytable


Spring Break Slot Visuals

If we talk about the visuals of the game, they are created with only two dimensional graphics but they offer a pleasing experience thanks to the high contrast developer has used in designing theme to relive the break theme. Home screen has a light blue colored background with a reel matrix in the front side that contains all the game symbol of the game with an important information that it pays from left to right, which means, that landing screen will be checked starting most left reel to most right reel except the scatter offerings which can be in any direction Anyways, like always, bottom area is where we have all the navigational options that we need to pick before rolling the reels.


Spring Break Video Slot Sounds

Even though this is a Microgaming slot so it has to have a brilliant sound support to the visuals but unfortunately developer did not take care the audio output of the slot on critical moments like when you win something or you start the game. However, the synchronization of both audio and visuals is great and you cannot complaint of itchy audio if you have checked how brilliantly it supplements the video during gameplay.


Starting the first roll

If you are among those this slot is designed for and you are also comfortable with its wagering requirements, which are already too low, then start picking the few options, like how many lines you want to bet upon along with number of coins and their value. Once done, hit the Spin and reels will start rolling to offer you your landing screen in few seconds. You don’t need to match the output with paytable as it is done automatically and you are notified if you have anything to take home.

If you want to enjoy its extreme version, like Auto Spin or Bet Max, you can, but these two options are usually preferred by high rollers who don’t want to mess with the same options again and again after each roll. Despite its no connectivity with any progressive pool, you can win a maximum of 112500 coins if you could land a dream landing screen every time along with there are also Free Spin and Bonus rounds to upraise your imaginations.


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