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Online Video Poker

Online video poker is the latest addition to games that online casinos offer. The format of this game is a bit similar to slots and uses the concept behind poker. But one thing is for sure, it has become a great hit with online casino players.

Playing online video poker is relatively easy. It does not need a lot of effort on your part, and the prizes are so rewarding. The applications used to run this game is also very user-friendly.


The General Idea

Online video poker is like playing poker on a video arcade machine. The objective is getting the best five-card combination possible using the standard rules of poker. At the start of the game, the computer will shuffle the deck of card. The deck may include one or both jokers, or neither. The computer will then deal five cards to the player face-up. After this, the player will then decide whether to keep all the cards or discard some of them. The player could also opt to discard all the cards. All discarded cards will then be replaced with new cards. The five-card combination that the player possesses is the final entry.

A three of a kind is usually the lowest combination to receive a payout, although there are online video poker variations which give payouts to combination as low as a two pair. In some cases wild cards are put into play. Wild cards may take the place of any card in the deck. Deuces and Jokers are often used as wild card although any card could be designated as wild cards.


How to Play

To play video poker online, first, you must place your bet. You could bet a maximum of five coins. Coin denomination may depend on the type of online video poker game. You could increase your bet by clicking on the plus (+) button and decrease it using the minus (-). Once your bets are placed, you may click on the DEAL button. The computer will then deal 5 cards, although there are video poker games that are multi-handed, meaning, you get to play using more than one (1) five card combination.

Once the cards had been dealt, the player may choose a card to discard by clicking on it. Once the cards have been selected, all you need to do is click on the DISCARD button. The computer will then automatically replace the cards that have been discarded. As soon as the computer recognizes a winning combination, the player will be prompted if he or she wants to double the winnings. If the player chooses to do so, another round will then begin. If the players opt not to collect his or her winning, it will be automatically credited to the player’s account.



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