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Online Poker Strategies

Online poker requires a different approach when it comes to winning strategies. Not all tactics used during real table poker games would essentially work when playing poker online.

Online poker has unique characteristics that set it apart from the real game. And in order to formulate a good strategy, you must be knowledgeable of these unique features of the game. But since we are talking about poker, it is safe to assume that there is no absolute strategy even with online poker.


What is Different?

There is a good number of dissimilarity between poker played online and in the real world. For one, when playing online poker, you do not see your opponent face to face. This means that you would not be able to see any physical tells. This also means that it would be very different to do a bluff online compared to playing with somebody face to face.

Online poker banks on the analytical side of poker. You could see your opponents, but you can still read the cards based on the folds and the community cards. It is also noticeable that the folding rate in online poker is higher than its real world counterpart. This is mainly because a bad hand could seldom be saved online, although mediocre hands could sometimes be made into a winning hand depending on the player’s game plan.

Pace is also another factor. Online games are played faster. A round could be as short as one minute. This means that, to be successful at online poker, you must learn how to be fast without jeopardizing a good decision.


General Strategies

Although no tactic is absolute in poker, there are general tips which could help you succeed at online poker. First, learn how to multitask. Winning at online poker does not mainly rely on being successful at every single game. You must learn to play at multiple tables to start earning. But try not to do this if you are just starting to play online. Learn the game play and adjust with the pace before thinking about earning.

Learning the odds and thinking analytically is the secret behind winning online poker games. There are hands that are meant to be folded, while there are some that could be betted on. It helps to memorize these hands, but it is best if you do it analytically. Do not be pressured about the pace. Play at your own pace first and learn to go with the flow. Being analytical will slow down your game at first, but you will reap the rewards later.



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