Cash Splash 3-Reel Slot


Microgaming has ever been the leading slot developer with several unique and interesting variants into its portfolio and Cash Splash 3-Reel Slot is one of the real gems in its beautiful slots galaxy. Yes, it was the first progressive slot game launched in 1998 and even today this is popular than ever with a jackpot hit in very three days.

Moreover, players find all the goods of traditional slot with the mouthwatering features of contemporary slots in it hence this is ever growing in its popularity.

Nowadays, it is available in two variants: a three reels one and a five reels one and Cash Splash 3-Reel Slot is a three reels one with features of classic slot games like typical Sevens, Bars, and Cherries. Though this game can be played with one coin as well but to qualify for the progressive jackpot, you need to bet full three coins and to avoid any confusion, coins value is fixed at $1 which could look uncomfortable for low rollers who are only interested in playing penny slots.

Anyways, if we talk about its build quality and what is different apart from its progressive add-ons, then you will have to play it for real money. Otherwise, you can simply analysis the home screen to know more about its payout combinations. Home screen has the typical segments usually found in traditional slots, like a reel matrix at the top left corner along with full paytable containing all the payout combinations at the right hand side and at bottom we have the navigational options with big buttons. Overall, it has a typical slot feel and takes us back in the eighties when casino players first witnessed the mechanical slot console machines.


Cash Splash 3-Reel Slot Gameplay

So, if you are ready to enjoy the fun loving progressive slot you have to have at least one dollar in your bankroll since coins value starts from there and then have a close look at the payout table to know which are the high paying symbols. Be certain about your progressive jackpot entitlement since for that you will have to bet three coins per spin. Once all set, start picking the options from the bottom area like number of coins and then hit the Spin.

To keep its ancient look and feel, Microgaming did not add any free spin or bonus rounds in it which could be a major problem for few players and if you are among them, you can try its fifteen paylines version carrying the same progressive jackpot but with a bonus game which adds more fun to your gameplay. So, if you are classic slot lover and want to rewind the slot entertainment with contemporary features check it out and stand in line to claim the next progressive pool!