Dr Watts Up Slot


Slots players have even been more demanding than ever, they usually prefer playing games which are in match of their dream profession and Dr Watts Up Slot is one such slot which is based around a mad scientist who does experiments a lot. This is a five reels slot game from the house of Microgaming and as its name suggests it rolls around the lab of a scientist who is always busy with his experiments hence its theme. Since it is based on an unusual theme this is one of the rarest in this genre as you won’t find any other slot close to the excitement this game offers thanks to its 243 paylines that delivers true entertainment every time you hit the spin.

As said, Dr Watts Up Slot is a five reels slot game with plenty of wagering options and remember it does not has any link with any progressive jackpot which is like a small dent on its repo yet it has enough to lure any aspiring slot player like wild symbols, scatter symbol, and hosts of bonus rounds to make each of your spins pleasing.

Let’s talk about its visual appeal and how Microgaming has delivered in that area and believe me, you won’t complaint anything except its visuals which are broadly two dimensional and carry no digital sound support. Even then, they completely supplement the core theme and you won’t notice any difference whenever you are onto it. Background of the home screen is filled with Blue color with beautiful gradients on it and foreground is the area your reel matrix lives. It is a 5×3 matrix consisting most matching symbols like Dr. Watts, his attractive assistant, monkey, robot, mouse, ray gun, brain in a jar, and magic potion along with wild and scatter symbol which are played by game logo.


Dr Watts Up Slot Bonus


Dr Watts Up Slot Gameplay

Being a contemporary Microgaming slot game you don’t need to interact too many times with the game, even then there are few options you need to pick before you start playing for the first time. Since Dr Watts Up Slot is a 243 paylines slot variant, 30 of them are automatically selected for you and you just need to pick number of coins along with their values. You can maximum place twenty coins per line and their value can also range from one cent to twenty cents.

You keep remember that whenever you have a three matching symbols on the adjacent lines, you are rewarded prizes irrespective of their line, however, scatter pays you even if it lands on non-adjacent lines. If you have scatter for three or more times on the landing screen you are given up to 20 free spins where you can win as many as 480000 coins.


Dr Watts Up Slot - 480000 Coins Bonus


Dr Watts Up Slot Conclusion

Overall, this game is a good effort from the house Microgaming in designing a game that fills the vacuum available in the slot market regarding this theme. Although, visuals of the game are not vivid neither they carry any high definition support yet they do their job and keep you entertaining whenever you hit the Spin.


Dr Watts Up Slot Paytable

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