Toronto Maple Leafs GM Kyle Dubas got axed after the Leafs failed to make it past the second round playoffs. There was a lot of controversy surrounding his sacking because President Brendan Shanahan told fans after the Leafs exit that he was considering having Dubas around for the next season.

Dubas Explains Sacking On Twitter In Brief 

Just a few days later, Shanahan decided that it was time to let Kyle Dubas go and get a new GM to lead the Leafs for the upcoming season. Shanahan did not allow Dubas to speak to the press nor did he provide any clear information as to what went wrong and why he changed his mind on Dubas.

Dubas served as assistant GM with the Maple Leafs from 2014 and would take on the GM role from 2018. Dubas took to Twitter on May 23 to shed more light on his departure. 

Dubas said that while he revaluated his future with the Leafs and had discussions with his family, he found out that the Leafs decided to go in a different direction. Dubas did not mention any of his interactions with Shanahan but did thank all the other players, coaches and staff who worked with him over the years.