As New York faces a potential delay in announcing its three downstate casino licenses until 2025, the state’s gaming industry is witnessing a significant surge in sports betting revenue. Recent reports reveal that New York’s sports betting revenue exceeded a remarkable $3 billion last month, with the state Gaming Commission reporting an adjusted gross revenue of over $47.5 million for the week ending January 21. This financial boon is juxtaposed against the prolonged timeline for casino license announcements, underscoring the state’s gaming sector’s dynamic and rapidly evolving nature.

New York’s Record-Breaking Sports Betting Success in Context

This unprecedented success in sports betting places New York alongside New Jersey as the only state to surpass $3 billion in monthly revenue, with December seeing the highest-ever revenue of $189.3 billion. The popularity of betting apps in New York is also noteworthy, with one of the most successful weeks in January 2022 generating nearly $30 million in revenue. The state’s robust 51% tax rate on mobile betting translates into significant tax earnings, exceeding $24.2 million from the latest figures.

How Casino Licensing and Sports Betting Success Intersect

The delay in casino licensing amidst this sports betting success story presents a complex scenario for New York. On one hand, the state’s gaming industry is flourishing, with companies like FanDuel, DraftKings, and BetMGM achieving remarkable milestones. For instance, FanDuel’s weekly earnings of over $25 million and DraftKings’ $1 billion revenue highlight the potential for further growth in the sector. On the other hand, the prolonged process for casino licensing, compounded by individual operator challenges and legal hurdles, illustrates the intricate regulatory and market dynamics at play.

Implications for New York’s Gaming Industry

This juxtaposition of booming sports betting revenue against the backdrop of delayed casino licensing decisions suggests a transformative period for New York’s gaming industry. While sportsbooks like Bally Bet, Resorts World, and WynnBET are reaching significant milestones in handle and revenue, the state is simultaneously navigating the complexities of integrating large-scale casino operations in densely populated areas. The casino licensing process, therefore, is not just about awarding permits but also about shaping the future landscape of gaming in New York, balancing economic benefits with regulatory and community considerations.


As New York continues to excel in sports betting, setting records and redefining the industry, the state’s approach to casino licensing will play a pivotal role in determining the direction of its overall gaming industry. The interplay between the thriving sports betting sector and the intricate casino licensing process underscores the multifaceted challenges and opportunities within New York’s gaming landscape. How the state manages these dual aspects of gaming will likely set significant precedents for future developments, not only in New York but potentially across the broader United States gaming market.

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