Pragmatic Play and iGameMedia Team Up for Enhanced Sports Streaming

In a significant move to revolutionize sports streaming, Pragmatic Play has joined forces with iGameMedia. This collaboration centers on delivering an ultra-low latency sports streaming experience via iGameMedia’s OnePlatform streaming solution. The partnership is aimed at creating a fully integrated streaming service, enabling users to access varied sports content without requiring multiple integrations.

The iGame OnePlatform, known for its established connections with major content providers, now integrates Pragmatic Play’s sportsbook product, which was introduced in October. This integration is expected to streamline managed services while supporting live streaming. The innovative OneMap feature, a part of this collaboration, leverages AI and ML technology to map live streaming with key event data, boasting a high accuracy rate. This partnership builds on iGameMedia’s history of delivering low-latency streaming solutions, including a previous venture with Theo Technologies.

Blokotech and Pragmatic Play Form Content-Focused Alliance

In a separate development, Blokotech, a notable B2B iGaming software supplier, has fortified its content offerings through a partnership with Pragmatic Play. This agreement marks a significant enhancement of Blokotech’s Bloko Suite, which will now serve as a conduit for partners to access Pragmatic Play’s extensive game portfolio.

The deal includes a variety of slots, featuring popular titles like Gates of Olympus and Sugar Rush, as well as Pragmatic Play’s live casino solution. This integration enriches Blokotech’s library with a mix of player-favorite games and classic table games. Additionally, Pragmatic Play’s virtual sports selection, including diverse options like Fantastic League Football and Greyhound Racing, will also be accessible through Bloko Suite.

Salvatore Messina of Blokotech highlighted the partnership as a milestone in offering top-notch gaming experiences, while Victor Arias from Pragmatic Play expressed enthusiasm about the expanded player exposure in key markets.

Industry Implications of Pragmatic Play’s Dual Partnerships

These dual partnerships signify Pragmatic Play’s aggressive digital entertainment expansion, focusing on sports streaming and iGaming content. By collaborating with iGameMedia and Blokotech, Pragmatic Play strategically positions itself as a versatile and forward-thinking provider in the rapidly evolving digital entertainment landscape. Integrating advanced technologies like AI and ultra-low latency streaming indicates a significant leap towards enhancing user experience in sports betting and iGaming.

Future Outlook for Pragmatic Play

With these strategic partnerships, Pragmatic Play is set to significantly influence both the sports streaming and iGaming sectors. The collaborations expand the company’s market reach and underscore its commitment to innovation and quality. As the digital entertainment industry continues to grow, Pragmatic Play’s latest moves position it strongly for future advancements and potential market leadership.