Following a month of favorable sportsbook launches across the United States, DraftKings, a leader in the sports technology and entertainment space, has officially announced that it has extended its long-term partnership with Sportradar, the world’s leading global provider of sports data and content to media companies, sports federations and the betting industry, in terms of which Spartradar will continue to provide DraftKings with data feeds and bet stimulation content.

The extended agreement will also see DraftKings gaining access to official sports data feeds that include National Football League, Major League Baseball and National Basketball League.

DraftKings is endeavoring to have its fans brought even closer to the action by making official league data available to them during matches and thus building a trusted and user-centric destination for bettors.

Neale Deeley, Sportradar’s VP of US Sales and Gaming, commented that they are proud to extend their partnership with DraftKings, one of the most respected gaming companies in the US. 

Deeley added that DraftKings’ journey into sports betting has been a fantastic success and they have been honored to be on that journey with them and look forward to continuing that success for many years to come.

Ezra Kucharz, Chief Business Officer at DraftKings, revealed that the arrangement with Sportradar will provide stronger betting interaction, greater player support and a chance to enter a new phase of development.

Kuchartz said that DraftKing’s goal is to build the best, most trusted and most customer-centric destination for sports fans and their expanded partnership with Sportradar provides them with superior support.  He added that this partnership will enhance customer experience by allowing them to provide faster turnaround time on their products and the opportunity to develop new, innovative offers for their players.

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