Harveys Slot


Harveys Slot is a Microgaming’s online video slot game which has a five reels gameplay and offers twenty five paylines betting options. It is basically a food based slot variant containing lots of refreshing champagne and a range of tasty-looking food.

The visuals are at par with its core theme containing mostly food items on the reels. And if we talk about build quality and how vivid graphics are, then you will have to compromise a little bit since it does not carry any three dimensional visuals yet all the images on the screen lure your tongue for its obvious taste. Anyways, if we talk about why Microgaming chose Harveys as its name, Harveys is actually name of the restaurant that serves most popular cousins in town hence this is the name chosen by the Microgaming while designing this game. Even if we leave about its down to earth visuals and rather basic sound support, there are lots of other goodies you will find playing this game like a wild symbol which can land on any line and helps you complete a winning combination faster.


Harveys Slot Game Symbols

Like I said before, being a restaurant theme based slot, all the high paying symbols are related to food items while lower paying symbols are represented by standard alphabets like 10, J, Q, K and A. A bowl of soup, les escargots, some shellfish, and a tasty dessert are the symbols you should target for since they offer the maximum payout of the game.


Harveys Slot Paytable


Harveys Video Slot Add-ons

Generally, it is believed if a slot is a penny slot, which it does, there would not be much support from developer end but this is one of the exceptions to this general rule since Microgaming has put most of the contemporary features to make its gameplay even more luring. One of them is the free spins which are rewarded if you could land the champagne bottle on reel two and four on the landing screen you are rewarded random number of free spins that can be as high as thirty with a generous random 25x multiplier.

Another beauty of the game is its Gamble feature which works like what we know about it. If you win something and opt to play the gamble round, you are taken to the screen where you have to guess the card color and its suit. If you could correctly guess both of them, your winning gets quadruple and if you could only guess one, your winning is doubled and if you fail, you lose your entire winning. So, play this round with precaution as it can null your hard work of jingling around the reels for hours!



Looking at its core features and if this is one of the finest creation from Microgaming, you will be little disappointed looking at its minimum offering and basic visual appeal, yet it has its own target group who loves to play Harveys Slot again and again. You should also check your luck against its gameplay if you are also a foodie who loves to explore new dishes!


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