Jurassic Park Slot

Among hundreds of online slot variants we have today, Jurassic Park Slot is possibly the only one which is known to everyone even if you are a slot player. Jurassic Park Slot is a five reels online video slot with 243 paylines betting options and developed by the House of Microgaming.

Since Jurassic Park is a brand name in itself and almost everyone knows about it as it is a biggest hit Hollywood movie of its time, developer needs not to market it extensively; in fact, they got the benefit of its popularity with little marketing cost.

Although, Microgaming was under lots in pressure before release of the game since expectations were high and had they failed in any aspect, it would have become the biggest disaster. But, for a good note, nothing went wrong, players accepted the game and it became a hit right on the day one when it was first launched in Microgaming powered online casinos.

Since it is based on the biggest hit movie, its wagering requirement has to have a decent sum so a maximum number of aspiring players could play it and righty so you can start your bet from as low as 30p to as high as £15 per spin which covers a large section of slot players.

You can wager a maximum of ten coins per line if you want to play it in high action mode and in return you can win as many as 1500 coins if you land the dream landing screen during the game.


Jurassic Park Slot - Paytable

Jurassic Park Video Slot - Paytable


Being an official online slot version of the popular movie, all the symbols are truly in match with the movie itself and you will find all the leading characters of the movie on reels itself, including of course the Dinosaurs that offers bonus round during the game. The most prominent of them is a randomly triggered T-Rex Alert Mode feature that lasts for 6 spins and wherein T-Rex appears behind the reels on the 3rd spin. In this round Jurassic Park logo is the stacked one hence can land on all the reels to help you win more.


More Free Spins

Jurassic Park Slot Free spins Bonus

Apart from random T-Rex Alert Mode, there is a scatter symbol (dinosaur egg) and if you get three or more of them on the landing screen, you get 5 free spins with their own unique setup of audio visuals. This is actually just the beginning of plenty of bonus rounds you are going to have with prize multiplier playing this highly popular online slot including Tyrannosaurus Rex Bonus, Velociraptor Bonus, Triceratops Bonus, Brachiosaurus Bonus, and Dilophosaurus Bonus thanks to the movie that forced Microgaming to add all those luring features so everyone could be enticed to play it.


Jurassic Park Video Slot - Free Spins

Jurassic Park Online Slot - Free Spins Games

Jurassic Park Online Slot - Winning Free Spins Games


Talking about other important symbols of the game, Jurassic Park logo is the wild one that replaces any other symbol of the game except the Scattered Fly in Amber symbol which happens to be the scatter symbol that can land on all five reels.


Jurassic Park Online Slot - Paytable