Mexican Slots


Since online gambling is popular in North Americana and European markets than any other part of the world, it is being presumed by everyone that casino games developers are as well biased towards these two specific regions but this is not true, in fact, newest themes attract players more and Mexican Slots is the perfect example of why GamesOS is being considered as the most promising among all the slot developers.

Mexican Slots is one of the finest creation which is basically a classic slot having a three reels gameplay and if you look at its home screen you would sense if you are playing a high end slot game thanks to the brilliant three dimensional visuals that have been used along with digital sound support that reminds you the classic days of slot entertainment with a contemporary touch.

Anyways, since this is just a single line slot game you can attract new players more to its gameplay who want to check the slot gaming by playing basic slot game without having any confusing option and Mexican Slots is a perfect example of how developers can keep slot gaming interesting without adding tons of features into it.


Mexican Slots Visuals

Like said before, this game is a visual extravaganza and you come to know about its eye lashing visuals when you load the game for the first time as you see a beautiful scenery of a village in the background and at the right top there is the reel matrix containing three reels and just below to it there are other navigational options. On left side of the screen you have complete paytable to check which symbol pays you how much if you are playing with different number of coins.

For all the minimum wagering freaks, you can start your bet from ten cents to five dollars per spin which is a descent range to cover most of the slot players and if you want to check its other features you need to play it – preferably with real money.

If we look at the paytable, 3 Senorita symbols pay you the highest 300 coins if you have wagered a three-coin bet while Chilli Pepper symbol is the lowest paying one. In total there are 9 winning combinations in Mexican Slots which reminds you that you are playing a serious classic slot game.


Mexican Online Slots Gameplay

Being a basic game you can’t expect confusing options into it, further there is only one line bet possible in the slot so there is no mix-up at all. You need to just pick coin values and how many of them you want to play with and rest is done by the slot algorithm which starts rolling the reels and tells you if you have anything to take home.

For all the speed lovers, there are Bet One and Bet Max options which select minimum and maximum bets for you if you are in a hurry, otherwise, better is to enjoy each moment of it by clicking each option individually!