Mount Olympus - Revenge of Medusa Slot


If we look at the available online slot games in the market, most of them are based on certain kinds of Heroes but there are few who roll around the popular villains and Mount Olympus – Revenge of Medusa Slot is one such game which is based on Medusa who has been the one of the titans from the ancient Greek Mythology.

She is often remembered as a fearsome monster who is made up of half-woman and half serpent along with snakes for hair and a gaze that can take Heroes to their dearth. Microgaming, the developer, has tried hard to give its reel version a true sense of what Greek legend would have looked alike and if a player can live in the specs she used to be in. Actually, the storyline of this slot is as well is in match with life of Medusa who used to love Zeus and how Hera used to be jealous of their love.

Microgaming has successfully encapsulated their magical love triangle into reel canvas with five reels gameplay. Mount Olympus – Revenge of Medusa Slot offers a twenty five lines gameplay which is enough to satisfy every class of slot players.


Mount Olympus - Revenge of Medusa Slot - Paytable


Mount Olympus – Revenge of Medusa Slot Visuals

If we look at the visuals of the slot to find out how far developer could reach to the contemporary era, then Microgaming scores a ten on ten thanks to the beautiful background that reminds us the beautiful Egyptian natural surroundings. Front area is where reel matrix resides and on both the sides of it there are paylines. Bottom area is where all the navigational options reside and they are equally stunning with their visuals and background texture that somehow horrifies you. For a theme like this, game symbols need to be equally appealing and this is something that developer could achieve thanks to the fonts and design they chose for creating such amazing symbols.


Mount Olympus Slot Gameplay

After having felt the sensational by mare looking of the game, it’s time to enjoy its real gameplay and check if Microgaming could offer anything easy and straightforward for aspiring slot players, and yes, they could manage to design the navigational area easy to reach and well highlighted so every player could easily concentrate on it. All the options are clearly marked like Lines, Coins, and Bet. If you want to enjoy it auto spin, then there are 5x and 10x pre-configured auto spins which ask one time options from players and rest is done by the game algorithm that runs the rolls for number of times.


Free Spins and Wild support

Microgaming has always been more supportive for players than any other slot developer hence they always add several options to make you rich faster and enough. Here to, you can win lots of opportunities to claim your prizes like free spins which are rewarded up to five free spins if you have more than three scatter symbols on the landing screen. Likewise, there is a wild symbol that helps you complete a winning combination by substituting nonmatching symbols except the scatter one. Overall, this is brilliant offering based on a rare theme and you should definitely try it to feel the life of Medusa.


Mount Olympus Slot Bonus

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