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Know about Basic Sit n’ Go Tournament Strategy

Do you love to play poker? Many poker players enjoy various poker variations like Hold’em and Stud, but the most appealing type of all is the poker tournament. Today, poker tournaments are usually organized online, and for players who always seek for success in the field of poker, online tournament is the best way to start. One form of poker tournament is the Sit n’ Go. The Sit n’ Go tournament is a fast-paced game popularized in the internet. If you’re planning to participate in a Sit n’ Go tournament, then you need to learn more about Sit n’ Go and the different tips you can use to improve your skills and winnings.


Learn More about Sit n’ Go Tournaments

A regular Sit n’ Go tournament usually has 9 players with prizes for the top 3 winning players. There are also two other forms of Sit n’ Go tournament - the short-handed and satellite Sit n’ Go tournaments. The “short-handed” tournament has 6 players, while the satellite Sit n’ Go allows the winning player to join bigger tournaments like WOSP or WPT. If you wish to participate in a Sit n’ Go tournament, you need to pay a buy-in and an entry fee.

Sit n’ Go tournaments are played in a short period of time. It usually lasts an hour, so players will need to move a little bit faster in order to play in more tournaments and win more prizes. That’s why a good player can participate in many tournaments in a short span of time. Good players in Sit n’ Go tournaments has many perks. Players will get the chance to win more money and manage their bankrolls easily. Payout percentages in Sit n’ Go tournaments are definitely high, 30-50% for players. Sit n’ Go tournament is a good way to build your bankroll. So if you want to succeed in poker and be able to join in big tournaments, start your career by playing in Sit n’ Go tournaments.


Basic Sit n’ Go Tournament Strategies

If you want to succeed in every Sit n’ Go tournament, you need to understand and master these strategies:

  1. Be a tight player. If you want to win in a Sit n’ Go tournament, you need to play aggressively. By playing aggressively, your opponents will get stunned, which can result to your success at the end of the game.
  2. Be patient. Playing in a Sit n’ Go tournament definitely requires patience. Don’t rush on things because you might end up losing all your money for nothing.
  3. Motivate yourself. Fix your eyes on the prize. Don’t get distracted. If winning is your goal, then focus on that goal.
  4. Make sure that you strictly follow the tournament rules because you might end being eliminated from the tournament because of bad behavior.



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