Game of Thrones 243 Lines Online Slot

Online games developers have ever been the promptest to encash the popularity of any real time event, may it be popular Hollywood movie or a TV series. Yes, you guessed it right, Microgaming, the leading casino games developer, has tied up with HBO to relive its popular TV series Game of Thrones in online casinos. Like other Microgaming games, this one is also available in both online as well offline casinos and if playing online you are given lots of compatibility options to run it smoothing across desktop, mobile, or tablet, although, mobile version does not carry gambling feature which is the only weakest point we found in the game. First thing first, Microgaming did a brilliant job by transforming the TV series from television sets to online gambling console, you hear the typical series sound in the background throughout the game which reminds you are playing a GOT game and as far its smooth play is concerned, you have no two views, it is simply best entertaining online slot game for the time being. Visuals are the second best treat for the players; it carries brilliant three dimensional graphics with real life like visualization and creates a perfect atmosphere around the theme.

This game comes in two variants – Game of Thrones 15 paylines one and a more advanced Game of Thrones 243 paylines one which has lots of advance options to choose from. Game symbols carry the theme based icons along with Alphabets that are designed keeping in mind its base theme and clearly shows how professional Microgaming’s software designers are. Moreover, even if you are not an experienced player you can learn its basics in Demo Mode which is right there at left bottom so you could better prepare your play strategies. If you are a professional slots gamer, you can easily sense the detailing Microgaming has put into this with visuals of the TV series running on the top and perfectly displays the rivalry of four featured houses : Baratheon, Lannister, Stark, and Targaryen, of course, without sex and gore!


Basics – Game of Thrones 243 Lines Online Slot

Before you start spinning the reel you need to pick few options, like number of paylines you want to place your money at, number of coins per line along with their value and hit the Spin with fingers crossed. If your landing screen shows a winning combination you get your winning counting on the bottom of the screen. You can place a maximum of ten coins per line and each coin can range from 0.01 to 0.02 making it within the reach of every slot lover.

There are Scatter and Wild symbols as well that trigger free spins round for you with money multiplier and if you win the prize you are given additional gambling option to multiply your prize. The most interesting part of the game is when you hit the Scatter symbols on the landing page which triggers a free spin round but before that you are shown little bit of the series visuals and then offered an option to choose one from four houses, each carries different number of free spins along with prize multiplier like Baratheon offers 8 Free Spins with 5x multiplier.


Game of Thrones 243 Lines Slot Pay Table


Final Verdict

Ever since this has launched in the online gambling space, it is a hit right from the word go for its theme which is already a popular TV series across the board and Microgaming could greatly represent the series in its true colors, hence this is a perfect summer gaming option for you if you want to explore something new!