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An Overview about Online Gambling

Online gambling is basically defined as the act of wagering or betting on a result which depends on chance through the internet, or simply put, gambling through the internet. Gambling itself has been a common means of enjoyment to a good few. The internet has extended the availability of this form of entertainment to more people.

To understand the concept behind online gambling, one must know some basic information and issues about it. Online gambling also exists in many forms and is pretty easy to participate in.


Issues and Legality

There are forms of betting or gambling that are considered legal by some government. Some countries also consider online gambling legal while others don’t. But online gambling possesses a unique characteristic compared to early forms of gambling which makes its legality a little vague. Unlike land-base gambling operations wherein the only people who could participate are those who are within the vicinity of the operation, an entity or individual could accomplish an online gambling operation in a country where it is legal and offer the services worldwide.

Most countries in the European Union consider online gambling operations and participation legal, while no licensed online gambling operation could be based from the United States because Federal Law considers it illegal. But one could base an online gambling company in Isle of Man, for example, and get a license and could offer any services in the US. This makes it hard for the US government to go against the operation since it is outside there jurisdiction.

Although there are countries where laws specifically state that participating in any form of online gambling is legal while operating one is illegal, there are also governments who consider both participation and operation of online gambling illegal.


Forms of Online Gambling

The basic definition of online gambling has a very large scope. To make it a little specific, there are certain forms of online gambling. Online casinos are the most well known form of online gambling. As the name connotes, an online casino refers to an online site which offers games and wagers similar to that of a casino. The only difference is that you play through your computer terminal without going to a real casino.

Some other examples of online gambling include online poker, online sports and feature betting and even online bingo. Online poker sites are as popular as online casinos. You could usually compete with real players at online poker rooms, unlike at online casinos where you usually play against the machine, although a new technological advance enables interaction between players in some online casinos.



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